This Laid-Back Café In PJ Is Inspired By '80s Listening Bars In Tokyo

Live sets and caffeinated beverages.

Cover image via @coffeeboyclub (Instagram)

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If you regularly frequent the Gasket Alley in Petaling Jaya, you've probably come across one of its notable residents, Coffeeboy Club

The Gasket Alley is home to some of the town's most well-known hangout spots. From the matcha fanatics at Hejaü, to the bike enthusiasts at the Harley Davidson Motorclub, its inhabitants have all played their part in transforming it from a meeting place into a thriving community. None embody this more than the folks over at Coffeeboy Club.

"Coffeeboy Club is not a café. We are a brand that embodies the word multi-disciplinary by transcending different sub-cultures into one entity from coffee, food, music, design, merchandise, and lifestyle," said Bryan, co-owner of Coffeeboy Club.

"It is a personality coexisting to add value to the ecosystem of communities it exists in. We're your mate who looks out for you if you look out for us, that's what sets us apart," Daniel, also co-owner told SAYS.

Both Daniel and Bryan have been in the F&B business since 2019. From fuelling the Nike 50th Anniversary Run with their signature drinks to designing a clothing line with HYPE, they have transcended your run-of-the-mill café — even going so far as to organise their own shoe donation initiative.

With different backgrounds and disciplines, they took a leap of faith to turn their dreams into reality

For Daniel, the fascination with the F&B business began over 12 years ago when he was working as a barista in Melbourne. Enchanted by the vibrant local café scene there, he brought back a degree in Finance and a passion for coffee and food. After two years in Finance, he finally decided to ditch the corporate gig.

"I wouldn't think twice if I had to do it all over again. I found myself at a fork in the road — and I picked the barista job, switching over from Finance to satisfy my curiosity. So far, it hasn't killed this cat, fingers crossed," Daniel said.

After over a decade working in several cafés, he found the right partner in Bryan, who worked as a graphic designer and photographer, and had the creative talents to match his extensive knowledge of F&B.

"It has always been one of those dreams that I've wanted to achieve in life and with the experience of Danial in the F&B industry, we were able to infuse our skills and push the boundaries of our ideas," Bryan elaborated.

"The community within Gasket Alley has flourished since we opened our doors here almost four years ago. The landlord has done a great job with tenant mix since switching over to a footfall location —  from being the one of two F&B operators in here to being part of a healthy ecosystem. Gasket is special in that you leave with more than just what you ate and drank," Daniel explained.

Bryan also agrees with this sentiment: "Since the opening of Coffeeboy Club, we've witnessed the transformation in The Gasket Alley into a lifestyle hub that supports homegrown brands. It has really become a close-knit community between the tenants and that's the most special thing."

Coffeeboy Club Owners, Daniel and Bryan (left to right)

Image via @coffeeboyclub (Instagram)

While it has built its name through quality coffee and food, Coffeeboy continues to show that it's an ever-evolving entity that cannot simply be categorised

When faced with an ever growing foot-traffic and increasing demand, the space in Gasket Alley recently underwent a major transformation in order to facilitate the brand's new direction.

One look at the newly designed interior and it is apparent that there is a greater emphasis on live music and events. Aesthetically, it is inspired by the listening bars of the '80s underground music scene in Tokyo.

Incorporating elements of cement and wood in its minimalistic design, it is more spacious than ever before. The visually striking hi-fidelity sound system is the centerpiece of it all.

"The change was an accumulation of branding ideas and stories that we've discovered in the last three years of running the café. With the help of Fusty Rabbits, a design and build agency, we were able to create a timeless, homey space." Bryan told SAYS. 

It is clear that Daniel and Bryan also share a strong passion for music, which naturally led them to start Coffeeboy Records in 2020

The project, which focuses on curating quality sounds, has since hosted several listening parties from their newly designed space for avid listeners keen to check out up and coming DJs.

"The routine of events are in our DNA to create new experiences for our community. We always believe that in order to cultivate a culture, we have to start from ground zero and to dive deep into the beginning of its nature. The intention is to grow and flourish with the community," Bryan, a Mass Communications graduate, told SAYS.

Here's where you can find Coffeeboy Club:

Lot 15, Coffeeboy Club, 13, Jalan 13/6, Seksyen 13,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opening hours
7.30am to 7pm (Sunday to Thursday)
7.30am to 10pm (Friday and Saturday)
Kitchen opens 9am daily

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