IKEA Thailand Is So Lit That It Serves RM5.80 Bubble Tea And Has An Ice Cream Bar

Their ice cream bar offers four flavours every day.

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While Malaysians head to IKEA for its signature meatballs and well-stuffed curry puffs...

... Its Thai counterpart is on a whole different level!

For starters, there is bubble tea sold for only RM5.80.

Thai netizens have reviewed that the milk tea isn't too sweet, and that the pearls are small but have a sticky texture to it.

One cup will only cost you THB45 (RM5.80)!

They also have a variety of frappe flavours, including a seasonal durian-flavoured smoothie and cha yen

Durian smoothie.

Image via Instagram @maxmahorn

Thai milk tea frappe (left) and purple sweet potato milk tea.

Image via Instagram @ployliciousss

Passion fruit frappe.

Image via Instagram @iamapresentz

The frappes are sold between THB45 and THB60 (RM5.80 and RM7.75).

The best of all? IKEA Bangna has its very own ice cream bar that will leave you drooling

The bar opened recently on Saturday, 13 April.

According to Instagram user @yj_lab_daily, customers can choose between vanilla, soy, yoghurt, and the daily flavour as their base.

After choosing your base, go wild with whatever toppings you desire!

The ice cream bar also offers preset flavours, such as "milk strawberry" and "butterscotch choco crunchy". 

One cup or cone will cost you between THB60 and THB85 (RM7.75 and RM11).

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