9 Treats To Indulge In During Hari Raya That Deliver To Your Doorstep

They make perfect Raya gifts.

Cover image via Valen's Patisserie (Provided to SAYS) & Forêt Blanc (Provided to SAYS)

1. Valen's Patisserie

Valen's Patisserie has taken local flavours, elevated them, and turned them into sophisticated desserts. Their 'Raya Dessert Indulgence Set' features their limited edition Mini Valen's Patisserie Signature Pandan Cendol Entremet, Onde Onde Chocolate Bon Bons, Pulut Tai Tai Macarons, and more. 

Place your orders via email at [email protected] or on Facebook.

2. Inside Scoop

Inside Scoop is famous for their Hari Raya Ice Cream Buffet every year. Unfortunately, they won't be able to have one this year. Lucky for us, they've created a mini buffet kit that we can enjoy at home. The kit is RM69 and consists of three different flavours of ice cream and a jar of cookies from Kek & Co.

You can also get their Kek Onde for RM135.70 that feeds six to eight people. It tastes exactly like onde-onde, and even has a runny gula Melaka centre like the real thing!

Place your orders here.

3. Forêt Blanc

There's something for everyone in Foret Blanc's 'Ramadan Gift Set'. It's RM130 and has four types of delicious creamy cakes: strawberry vanilla shortcake, mango passionfruit shortcake, creamy tiramisu, and heavenly hazelnut brownies. It also comes with five pieces of Raya-themed sticky dates madeleines with two types of dips. If you're a fan of burnt cheesecake, you'd love their 6" Kurma Burnt Cheesecake that costs RM80. 

Order your 'Ramadan Gift Set' here or on Beep.

4. Cookies by Chef Jo

You will be spoilt for choice with all the flavours that Cookies by Chef Jo has to offer. It's RM25 for a tub of cookies, and there's golden peanut bites, cranberry oats, cheese pineapple roll, crunchy Oreo, almond Big Ben, and red velvet chewy. The best part is they ship to the whole of Malaysia, so you can send Raya cookies to your family anywhere.

To order, WhatsApp +6017-4377559.

5. Kenny Hills Bakers

Kenny Hills Bakers offers five different types of Raya cookies: peanut cookies, almond florentine, pineapple tarts, chocolate chip cookies, and butter cookies. They range from RM25 to RM38 a tub. Their classic sticky date cake is super moist and is covered in toffee sauce. The cake comes in two sizes: small that's RM10 and perfect for one or a larger loaf that's RM20 and feeds two to three people.

You can place your orders here.

6. Fly Bakes by Ling

No Raya meal is complete without Fly Bakes by Ling's ground almond sugee cake with candied lemon slices. It costs RM55, is super moist, and has a perfect hint of lemon. Don't forget to also order some of their maple chocolate chip cookie bites that's RM27 a tub.

To order, email them at [email protected]

7. Sugar and I

Order your family (and yourself) some cookies from Sugar and I. They come in two flavours: white chocolate macadamia cookies and chocolate chip cookies that are made with Belgium chocolate. 

To order, WhatsApp +6011-11422597 or +6016-2022696

8. Fiza Delights

If you can't decide what cake to order this Raya, get a quarter of each from Fiza Delights. There's Nutella brownies, marble cake, butter cake, and burnt cheesecake. They also have lots of cookies for you to choose from like pineapple tarts, peanut butter cookies, and many more.

Place your orders on WhatsApp at +6017-2261004.

9. Miss Shortcakes

Miss Shortcake's 'Raya Cookies Gift Hamper' allows you to choose three of their gourmet cookie flavours, which are sea salt chocolate chip pecan, parmesan and thyme, cornflake crunch, or danish butter. Each hamper even comes with five custom-designed sampul duit raya. It costs RM118.

Order your hampers here.

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