Ipoh-Born Chef Who Won A Michelin Star Finally Brings His Famous Chicken Rice To Malaysia

Hawker Chan opened his first outlet in Malaysia on 26 February.

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Ipoh-born chef Chan Hon Meng, famously known as the owner of the world's first Michelin-starred street food stall, has brought his world-renowned soya sauce chicken rice to his hometown

Nearly three years since receiving a Michelin star, the Singapore-based Liao Fan Hawker Chan finally opened its first Malaysian outlet at Jalan Theatre in Ipoh on 26 February

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The shop, which operated on a self-service basis, reportedly received a never-ending line of customers since opening its doors at 11am and quickly sold out all 90+ chickens prepared for the day. 

Chan gained international acclaim in July 2016 when his chicken rice stall became the first of two street food locations in the world to be awarded a Michelin star

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The Michelin Guide is akin to the Oscar in the culinary world, as it is regarded as the world's foremost authority in culinary merit. The Guide awards Michelin stars - the best known and highly respected restaurant rating - to restaurants all over the world, with the maximum three being the ultimate accolade. 

Even before snagging a Michelin star, people are known to queue up for 30 minutes to two hours for a taste of Chan's dish. Then sold from SGD2.00 (RM6.02) a plate, Chan's dish is also recognised as the cheapest Michelin-starred meal in the world

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Aside from his signature soya sauce chicken, which is best enjoyed with rice or noodles, Chan's restaurants also serve char siu (BBQ pork) and siu yuk (roasted pork)

Chan has since expanded his business beyond his humble stall in Chinatown Complex and even beyond Singapore, with branches in Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, and Australia. Even David Beckham has tried his chicken rice, y'all!

While a plate of soya sauce chicken rice is currently sold at SGD2.50 (RM7.52) onwards in Singapore, prices are slightly cheaper in the Ipoh outpost, which starts from RM6.80 per plate. Check out the full menu here:

Liao Fan Hawker Chan's first Malaysian outlet is located at No. 26-3, Jalan Theatre, 30300 Ipoh, Perak.

Opening Hours: 10.30am to 8.30pm daily. 

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