M'sian Dietician Says It's Okay To Consume Viral Ramadan Food 'Kurma Butter' In Moderation

It's a good food choice for those seeking a simple and calorie-dense meal for 'sahur'.

Cover image via @zalyazahari (X) & NSTP via Berita Harian

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As Ramadan approaches every year, social media is filled with posts sharing tips and advice to make fasting easier

This year, a new trend has emerged with the recommendation of kurma butter (buttered dates) as a way to boost energy and stay full throughout the day.

According to Kosmo!, the snack gained popularity after former Federal Territories Mufti Datuk Seri Dr Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri shared a post on Maktabah Al-Bakri's Facebook page.

In the post, he claimed that dried or buttered dates were the favourite food of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

However, questions have arisen over the health implications of this trend, particularly regarding the calorie intake associated with buttered dates.

Dietitian Nur Aiman Taslim recently revealed that dates mixed with butter can be consumed during sahur (pre-dawn meal), but excessive consumption is not encouraged

He suggested that consuming three to four dates with a small teaspoon of butter for each date is sufficient.

"It will provide around 224 calories, estimated at 70 to 80 calories for four dates and 110 to 145 calories for four teaspoons of butter.

"However, excessive consumption can lead to an increase in bad cholesterol levels and indirectly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease," he explained.

Nur Aiman went on to say that if a simple and calorie-dense meal is desired for sahur, having dates with butter in a moderate amount is not a problem.

"During iftar (breaking the fast), it is sufficient to eat dates alone without butter as the main dish, as other foods already contain enough calories," he added.

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