Korea Fans, Check Out This New Store In PJ Selling Muslim-Friendly Snacks

There's another outlet in Puchong too.

Cover image via Tamara Jayne/SAYS

A new convenience store has just opened in SS2, Petaling Jaya, selling all kinds of Korean snacks and drinks

K8 Xpress, which also has an outlet in Puchong, offers a variety of instant ramyeon

There's also an area with a microwave and hot water for your noodles.

You'll find Korean snacks like chips, ice cream, and cookies, along with drinks like coffee and tea

According to its website, all of its products are Muslim-friendly (with no alcohol or lard).

We visited the store and spotted several Japanese and Thai snacks as well, along with Haidilao's instant hot pot.

The store has basic ingredients like seaweed, gochujang, noodles, and sauces

Although the options may not be as extensive as bigger Korean stores in KL, it still has a good selection for any midnight cravings or for a K-drama binge-watching night.

You can probably find some of the products from your regular grocery shop, but it does its job as a convenience store, especially if you're just needing one or two items.

Other than snacks and ingredients, there's a small section for household essentials and beauty products too.

The store also serves ready-to-eat meals, such as ramyeon, corndogs, tteokbokki, fried chicken, and tornado potatoes

K8 Xpress is located in SS2 on the same row as CIMB

76-G, Jalan SS2/60,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operating hours:
8am - 11pm (Daily)

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