KFC Launched Durian Chicken Nuggets In China & It's Apparently Finger Lickin' Good

Oof, now we wanna try it too. *drools*

Cover image via KFC China & weibo

Just when you thought we've reached the limit of bizarre food combos with durian pizzas and Musang King burgers, we're proven wrong once again.

Behold... "exploding" durian chicken nuggets.

Amidst the King of Fruits' increasing popularity in China, KFC released the enriched snack on Monday, 2 September, to the delight of Chinese durian lovers

According to the poster below, the nuggets are being sold at 11.50 Chinese yuan (RM6.76) for four pieces. It also comes in a snack platter

Image via Weibo

The nuggets look like your typical chicken nugget on the outside, but within lies a rich and gooey durian centre

Image via Leesharing

In case you're wondering what they taste like, Chinese netizens who have tried it revealed that although they were initially sceptical, many were pleasantly surprised that the durian nuggets turned out to be pretty good!

One Weibo user said that the sweetness of the durian paste balances out the savoury nugget, while another noted that the nuggets are filled with quite a generous amount of durian paste, which she describes as a "fragrant burst of flavour". 

We'll admit, we're not too convinced by the concept... but the reviews kinda make us wanna try it!

Image via KFC China

While we wait for KFC to bring durian nuggets to Malaysia, check out these bizarre durian combos created by Malaysians:

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