Coca-Cola Is Now KFC's & Pizza Hut's Main Choice Of Beverage

All 1,180 KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants nationwide will be making a full transition to all Coca-Cola products by early September.

Cover image via KFC & notherealBeluga/Reddit

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It's official!

KFC and Pizza Hut will now be pairing their meals with Coca-Cola beverages.

Yesterday, 2 August, Coca-Cola and QSR (M) Bhd, the franchise owner and operator of KFC and Pizza Hut, announced their multi-year partnership in Malaysia.

Malaysians are now able to enjoy the lineup of different beverage choices under Coca-Cola, such as Coke, Sprite, Fanta, and Heaven and Earth teas.

In a statement provided to SAYS, it stated, "All 1,180+ KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants nationwide are projected to fully transition to serving Coca-Cola products by early September."

The two companies are excited about this partnership as they continue to work towards catering to their customers' needs

Chief executive officer (CEO) and managing director of QSR Brands Holdings Bhd Nechal Khanna said, "We believe this partnership will further widen our reach and we hope to delight our customers further."

On 20 July, KFC Singapore announced their transition from Pepsi to Coca-Cola

KFC Singapore confirmed with a local media portal that the change in partnership was to "refresh its beverage options".

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via KFC

Prior to the announcement, Malaysians noticed a change in the refreshments served at their local KFCs

Before the official announcement of the change, Tantan News reported on 23 July that a Malaysian found a KFC outlet was still using their iconic Pepsi cup even though the soda machine has Coca-Cola logos.

Image via Tantan News

A reddit user also posted a photo of a banner placed in a KFC outlet which promotes the pairing of Coca-Cola with their meals.

One reddit user commented that they received a Coke bottle instead of a Pepsi.

Image via Reddit

Another Reddit user, presumably from Indonesia, commented that their country has transitioned from Pepsi to Coca-Cola since 2020.

Image via Reddit

However, it appears that not all Malaysians are happy about the switch from Pepsi to Coca-Cola

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

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