KFC Superfan Crowns KL Outlet With Most Interesting Menu Out Of 50 Different Countries

When it comes to food, Malaysia remains undefeated.

Cover image via Daily Mail Online & Mashed

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A married father of two from Watford, England has been on a lifelong journey to find the best KFC franchise in the world, and he may have just found it

37-year-old Kamlesh Mistry is unarguably the world's biggest KFC fan — especially after the fast food chain awarded him the title of KFC Superfan of the Year back in 2020. 

Since bestowing the title to him, the food giant granted him a year's worth of free chicken, having visited more than 50 cities to try all the different types of KFC around the world.

Mistry at KFC outlets in (from left to right) Dubai, Munich, and California.

Image via Daily Mail Online

Some of the countries he's visited for KFC include Reykjavik in Iceland, Tallinn in Estonia, Hawaii in the USA, and even Kuala Lumpur!

38 of the 50 countries Mistry has visited for their KFC.

Image via Daily Mail Online

However, after travelling far and wide, Mistry officially declared KL as having the most interesting menu of the lot

In an interview with English newspaper and media platform, Daily Mail, the technical director explained how his passion for travel ever since he was young, in combination with his inherent love for KFC, led him to eat at the franchise in 50 different countries.

"Whenever we started travelling to other places with my friends and family, I would always like to find a KFC to compare the differences with the UK menu. I am definitely happy with the Super Fan title because it is a great ice breaker when meeting new people at work," he stated.

But when asked which city had the best KFC, Mistry said, "Kuala Lumpur definitely had the most interesting menu. I love spicy food and they had a lot of spicy alternatives. Reykjavik [in Iceland] was by far the strangest KFC I have ever been to — I was just so surprised when I saw one there."

As for his "go-to" meal, Mistry noted that nothing hits the spot better than a Zinger Tower with a couple of hot wings on the side.

Expanding on his love for the franchise, Mistry expressed how KFC is always on the menu whenever his friends and family come around

After winning the Super Fan competition, Mistry received a year's supply of chicken in the form of electronic vouchers worth GBP400 (approximately RM2,070), plus KFC dressing gowns, face masks, and T-shirts.

Nonetheless, his favourite prize remains to be the custom ceramic bargain bucket with his face on it.

Mistry's custom ceramic bargain bucket after winning Superfan of the Year in 2020.

Image via Daily Mail Online

Cheekily adding to the conversation, Mistry's wife, Jaina, noted that her discovery of her husband's dedication to KFC happened on his 25th birthday, when his birthday cake was modelled on the KFC bargain bucket.

"Sometimes I think he likes it too much, but not more than my cooking, otherwise there would be trouble!" she joked with Daily Mail.

Mistry at his 25th birthday party, with a KFC-themed cake.

Image via Daily Mail Online

Mistry added that even when he is on holiday till today, he is still always on the lookout for a KFC

Mistry at the KFC outlet in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Image via Daily Mail Online

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