[PHOTOS] 7 Unique Menu Items From KFCs Around The World You Confirm Want To Try

We soooo wanna try #4!

Cover image via Pepper & Smart Shang Hai

1. Remember the Zinger Double Down in Malaysia? Check out this Zinger Double Down King in South Korea. :O

Stacked with THREE different kinds of meat, this KFC meal is truly fit for a king. 

You get a beef patty and bacon sandwiched between two succulent fried chicken patties. Omg... so much meat. 

Still, if this king-sized burger ever lands in our country, confirm we'll be the first in line hehe. 

2. Did someone say egg tarts?? Mmmmm. :9

Image via Smart Shang Hai

If you didn't already know, Portuguese egg tarts are extremely popular in Macau. It's so popular that even KFC Macau added the egg tarts to their menu!

And over the years, KFCs in Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong also included this dish in their menu, which has become a food staple among locals. Yummmm, imagine being able to get freshly-baked egg tarts every time you dine at KFC. 

3. This spicy chicken-flavoured mooncake in Hong Kong, WOW

Image via @bubuwithfood

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, KFC Hong Kong unveiled two surprising, limited-edition mooncakes, Spicy Chicken & Nuts and Golden Custard. 

What caught everyone's attention is the Spicy Chicken & Nuts mooncake, which is stuffed with chicken floss and nuts. We gotta say, it's pretty unusual for a mooncake. 


Image via Pepper

Omg... KFC fried chicken used as a hot dog bun to wrap a sausage drizzled with cheese sauce... is this a dream? 

It was released back in 2015 in the Philippines and created an Internet frenzy not only in its home country but the rest of the world too! It was reportedly sold out in most KFC outlets across the country. It's obvious why everyone would want to get their hands on this Double Down Dog. It's a one-of-a-kind creation! 

5. Chick and Cone, or also commonly known as 'Chiffle' in Thailand

KFC Popcorn Chicken, wrapped up in a cone to look like ICE-CREAM???

When KFC Thailand unveiled this unique creation, KFC foodies from all over the world wanted to get their hands on the Chiffle.

Another interesting factor about this dish is its twist of flavours.  You have the sweet waffle cone pairing with the crunchy savoury popcorn chicken coated with their local spicy sauce. Main course? Dessert? Why not combine both? 

6. Ever heard of fried corn soup?? Check out KFC Japan's creation!

Image via SoraNews24

Yeppppp, you read that right. This fritter, which looks like a giant nugget, is actually deep-fried corn chowder. It's crispy on the outside, but soupy and creamy on the inside. 

Corn chowder or potage is actually a thing in Japan, and is commonly found in cafés or bought off from supermarket shelves. KFC Japan was cited to have been inspired by the potato bacon fritter recipe in Colonel Sanders' autobiography, which led to this innovative corn fritter. 

7. Cheetos + KFC Fried Chicken = KFC Cheetos Sandwich

Cheetos is a much-loved cheesy snack in the US that Americans can't get enough of. 

You can imagine their surprise when KFC announced this one-of-a-kind burger, which blew everyone's minds. The burger gives you the heartiest crunch you can get in a KFC meal. Not only do you get crunchy, fried chicken goodness, you also get the added crunch from the puffy Cheetos snack as well. 

And that is why KFC has released an all-new nasi lemak dish: Nasi Atuk KFC!

Image via KFC Malaysia

Nasi lemak has always been the pride and joy of our country. This new dish is the ultimate combo that has everything Malaysians love – nasi lemak and KFC Fried Chicken! You can finally enjoy the best of both worlds.

Imagine eating the sweet and spicy sambal with their Original or Hot & Spicy fried chicken... Ooomph, it's the combo you won't be able to get enough of!

Plus, what's cool is that if you're a Colonel Rice fan, you can opt to switch from the coconut-infused rice to your favourite rice instead! Regardless of which rice you choose, Nasi Atuk KFC is the delectable KFC dish you confirm will love. Find out more here.

Are you stoked to try the all-new Nasi Atuk KFC yet? Get your fried chicken cravings satisfied at your nearest KFC outlet today!

Image via KFC Malaysia

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