Krispy Kreme's 1st Drive-Thru Outlet Also Houses Kenny Rogers ROASTERS & Sala KL

You can get doughnuts, vegan tex-mex, and Kenny Rogers meals at this drive-thru restaurant.

Cover image via Keymel Ali II (Facebook) & @krispykreme.malaysia (Instagram)

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Kenny Rogers ROASTERS, Krispy Kreme, and Sala Vegan Restaurant KL opened new outlets in the same building in Bandar Rimbayu on 15 June, and it's pretty impressive

The three-in-one eatery is two storeys tall, and it also doubles as Krispy Kreme's first drive-thru outlet in Malaysia.

The restaurant's interior is airy and spacious, with large floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking lush greenery in the surrounding area outside

Take a look at some of the delicious food you can expect to get, all within the same eatery

You can order a hearty main course meal from Kenny Rogers ROASTERS or Sala KL, and finish off with a sweet doughnut or two from Krispy Kreme. 

In conjunction with their new launch, Kenny Rogers ROASTERS is having special opening promotions exclusive to their Rimbayu outlet. Check out these cool deals:

2, Jalan Flora 2, Bandar Rimbayu,
42500 Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor

Opening hours:
8am - 8pm (Daily)

Social media links:
Kenny Rogers ROASTERS
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Krispy Kreme
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Sala KL
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Hungry? Order some homemade treats from these talented local bakers and chefs:

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