7 Lotus Biscoff Snacks & Items You May Not Have Tried Before And Can Find In Malaysia

Most of these can be found online!

Cover image via (Instagram) & Junk Banter

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1. Lotus Biscoff Sandwich Cookies

If you love Lotus Biscoff biscuits, these are said to taste even better – double the goodness and with an added cream filling. They come with three different fillings: milk chocolate, vanilla, and Biscoff cream.

Our colleague spotted them at AEON MaxValu Desa ParkCity. But you can also get them online for RM12 a pack here.

2. Lotus Biscoff ice cream sticks and pints

Although Lotus Biscoff released these ice cream tubs and sticks awhile back, they hadn't made an appearance in Malaysia... until recently!

The pint consists of a dairy milk ice cream with chunky bits of Biscoff biscuits and Biscoff spread, while the sticks are a creamy milk ice cream with bits of biscuit and Biscoff spread, coated in Belgian chocolate.

According to KL Foodie, you can find the ice cream sticks in a pack of three at Ben's Independent Grocer (B.I.G.) and both items at Village Grocer outlets for RM44.90 each.

3. Lotus Biscoff KITKAT

Lotus Biscoff and KITKAT collaborated to create this heavenly-looking chocolate wafer. On the outside, it looks like any other KITKAT, but once you bite into it, you'll find a layer of Biscoff biscuit along with the signature wafer. What a combo!

You can get it for RM23.90 online here.

4. Lotus Biscoff & Go

Image via
Image via Shopee
Image via Lazada

Lotus Biscoff & Go comes with two compartments: one for breadsticks and another for a thick Biscoff spread. Similar to Nutella & Go, you can dunk the crispy breadstick into the spread and enjoy it wherever you are!

You can get it for RM10.90 at most Jaya Grocer outlets or online here

5. Lotus Biscoff Topping sauce

Image via Shopee
Image via Shopee

Grab a tub of your favourite ice cream and drizzle this Biscoff Topping sauce all over it. It can also be used on crepes, pancakes, waffles, cakes, or any other dessert you like. Just don't forget to shake it beforehand!

Each bottle comes with 1KG worth of Biscoff sauce goodness. You can get it for RM79 online here.

6. Lotus Biscoff Speculoos Rolls

Lotus Speculoos Rolls combines the signature cookies and coats them in Belgian chocolate to form tasty cookie balls. Will you be eating only one? Probably not, as these are said to be pretty addictive. 
You can get it for RM19.90 online here.

7. Lotus Crunchy or Smooth Spread

Image via david-/abillion
Image via Shopee

Lotus Biscoff spreads aren't uncommon to find at local supermarkets like Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, and B.I.G. They come in two varieties: crunchy and smooth. Spread them on toast, pancakes, or any other treat you fancy. 

You can also find them in multiple sizes for RM22.50 to RM149.50 online here.

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