Ever Wondered What Gives A Mekdi Beef Burger Its Iconic Taste? Here's What We Found Out

Psst... You probably can't guess where Mekdi gets its beef and cheese from! :O

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Looking back at our childhood days till now, McDonald's has grown to be a part of our lives

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From celebrating birthday parties at Mekdi as kids to spending hours camped out at outlets studying for SPM as teens, or just enjoying late night McD suppers with family as adults, the beloved quick service brand has always been a go-to for Malaysians.

When it comes to their popular beef products, like the Big Mac, Double Cheeseburger, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, and more, McDonald's strives to go the extra mile in making sure that they use fresh and quality ingredients.

Here's a closer look at some of their initiatives over the years to ensure great tasting meals:

1. Using only fresh and flavourful ingredients so you can always say "I'm lovin it!" :)

Did you know? All of McDonald's iconic beef burgers are made of 100% pure halal beef from Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil. These juicy hamburger patties are then paired with fresh vegetables and set in between warm, toasted buns, before being served to customers.

Working with external auditors, McDonald's ensures all suppliers meet food safety regulations and stringent quality standards. 

How does McDonald's ensure that the food served to customers is always fresh, hot, and tastes absolutely delicious? Well, McDonald's uses the Made For You system when it comes to food preparation, in which only two burgers are prepared at any one time.

The moment an order is placed, the restaurant crew at different preparation stations around the kitchen will begin toasting the buns, adding ingredients, and packaging the customer's food, so that the meal arrives fresh, hot, and tasty, every time.

2. McDonald's holds its suppliers to strict halal and quality standards

In the early 90s, McDonald's Malaysia was one of the first quick service restaurants to be awarded with halal certification from JAKIM.

Fast forward to the present day, they are still dedicated to keeping this certification by only dealing with halal-certified food suppliers who are clean and follow strict quality standards in line with the best global practices.

For instance, one of Malaysia's crowd favourites and bestsellers — the Double Cheeseburger — features juicy beef patties from halal-certified suppliers in Australia and New Zealand with approval from JAKIM and the Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia.

Apart from that, did you also know that all the cheddar cheese used in the Double Cheeseburger are imported from a halal-approved supplier in New Zealand? It's no wonder that McDonald's Malaysia sells around 1.2 million of these juicy, melty Double Cheeseburgers every single month!

3. Frequent sanitisation processes and adhering to best practices to ensure food safety

Image via OhBulan

As customer safety is their top priority, McDonald's upkeeps company standard operating procedures (SOPs) at all outlets.

All their restaurant crew are fully vaccinated, and their restaurants are closed for several hours twice a month for thorough cleaning. 

As an extra step of precaution, they ensure that the restaurant crew sanitise all equipment every four hours, while food areas are cleaned daily.  

Want to know more about McDonald's efforts in ensuring fresh, halal, and high quality ingredients? Read more about it here.

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