Check Out These 5 Inspiring YouTubers Who Cook Giant Food For The Underprivileged In India

These YouTubers have big pots, but even bigger hearts.

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The Internet was recently overcome with grief when news broke that beloved YouTuber grandfather from the popular 'Grandpa Kitchen' channel passed away

If you don't know 'Grandpa Kitchen', let's get you up-to-date:

It's a well-loved YouTube channel featuring an elderly Indian man cooking gigantic meals in the outdoors over an open flame using only traditional tools.

The food he prepared was always distributed to underprivileged children and orphans.

Following a video uploaded by his son announcing his passing on 30 October, there has been a myriad of comments from all over the world conveying their condolences - from German, "Lieben, teilen, sorgen" to Spanish, "Amar, compartir, cuidar" - all echoing Grandpa's mantra: "Loving, sharing, caring".

While mourning and re-watching Grandpa's most popular videos, something miraculous appeared in my YouTube recommendations

It was a video of another elderly Indian man cooking equally enormous portions of food for the less fortunate!

That led me down a rabbit hole of cooking channels by kind and compassionate individuals making entertaining videos while providing food for charity or their village people.

And boy, do they have millions of views! It cannot be denied that there is something so calming about watching people quietly and methodically carrying out their work, whilst listening to the clanging of steel pots and sizzling of delicious food all amidst the sounds of nature.

So, to mend your broken hearts, here is a list of all these other YouTubers with big pots and even bigger hearts:

1. Village Food Factory

Often compared to 'Grandpa Kitchen', this channel also features an elderly man - fondly known to viewers as 'Daddy' - usually donning a white singlet and sarong, all the while walking outdoors with no shoes on.

The videos show Daddy silently preparing the food with great care - from starting fires with only a match to individually cleaning vegetables by hand.

The food is always donated to local ashrams (spiritual hermitages or monasteries), with Daddy giving the children absolutely generous helpings.

He only speaks Tamil and not a single word of English. However, since its inception in 2015, the channel has amassed over 3.3 million subscribers and over 602 million views from all over the world!

2. Village Cooking Channel

This channel features a group of cheerful young men preparing food with an elderly grandpa.

You can't help but love the fact that all of their video covers show them smiling brightly while showcasing gigantic servings of food.

Similar to 'Grandpa Kitchen', the videos from 'Village Cooking Channel' would have the grandfather listing out each ingredient that goes into the recipe, while the young men do more of the heavy-duty work of chopping, marinating, and stir-frying.

Throughout the videos, they're working with a smile on their faces!

In their YouTube channel description, they write that they cook "traditional village food, country foods, and tasty recipes for foodies, children, villagers, and poor people".

Some of the food they've prepared include mutton biryani, Tamil Nadu chinthamani chicken, and sometimes even special recipes, such as one involving goat brains!

They began posting videos in April 2018 and has since garnered over 320 million views and 1.8 million subscribers.

3. Nawab's Kitchen Food For All Orphans

According to Good Times, this YouTube channel is the brainchild of Moinuddin Khwaja, a 39-year-old Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduate from the city of Hyderabad.

In September 2017, two of his friends and him set up the channel to share his combined love for cooking and charity, of which has benefited many orphans in his local community.

According to Moinuddin, a memory that has motivated him to continue helping orphaned kids was when he once saw children of his age foraging the garbage for food.

So far, his YouTube channel has amassed over 105 million views and over 1.2 million subscribers.

Moinuddin said that he plans to continue doing this charitable affair for as long as he can.

4. Country Foods

Here is a channel featuring an elderly grandmother who often cooks for her entire village!

According to Independent, fish was her specialty, and her smoky-flavoured biryani cooked in bamboo even earned a mention in The Times of India.

Sadly, the grandmother who was YouTube's oldest star, Karre Mastanamma, died in December 2018 at the age of 106.

Her recipes remain ageless on the Internet though, having garnered over 245 million views since she joined YouTube in August 2016.

It seems that her son continues to run the channel in her honour. The last video featuring grandma Karre was posted on 2 November, making an emu egg curry.

5. Food Fun Village

After Grandpa and Daddy, here is a famous Uncle doing village cooking videos.

As with the other channels, Uncle rustically cooks food over an open flame in the outdoors, the food he prepares is then served to people in his village.

He has garnered over 78 million views since beginning in October 2017, with monitor lizard curry and crispy rabbit pakoda among his most popular recipes.

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