From MILO's First Logo To The Iconic Slogan, Here's How MILO Has Changed The Past 70 Years

Oh, how time flies!

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Omg guys, it's MILO's 70th year in Malaysia!

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We grew up drinking MILO, our parents grew up drinking MILO, and our grandparents grew up drinking MILO. No doubt we'll be introducing our favourite chocolate malt drink to our kids too!

It has become the drink we would order in mamaks, or the drink we consume before kickstarting our day. And whenever we notice a MILO truck, we know we're in for a treat. Yes, we 100% agree with you, MILO from the truck is da best.

Take a trip down memory lane with us to see how MILO has evolved over the past 70 years:

1. The first MILO logo

The first MILO logo started off with a simple design that looks somewhat similar to the one today. 

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But as MILO has always been part of the sports heritage for over 60 years, MILO strived to design a logo that would inspire everyday Malaysians. 

Today's logo is inspired by the finishing line every athlete will cross, representing success and achievements.

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2. MILO's very first tin design

Take a look at the very first design of the MILO tin! It was advertised as a nutritional tonic drink meant to "soothe senses, induce sleep, and nourish the sick" as the drink was launched during the Great Depression. 

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And what makes MILO unique is its iconic green colour we would recognise anywhere. 

The branding has changed so much since then. Oh, how time flies!

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3. MILO grew from one product to a few varieties, and continues to innovate

MILO started off with the great chocolate malt taste we have all grown to love and enjoy. Over the years, it's only gotten better! 

Ranging from the original MILO powder, MILO Kosong, to MILO 3-in-1, and their recently launched MILO Activ-Go Plus Fibre, MILO is constantly innovating and developing new formulas for us to enjoy.

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And for those who still can't get enough of MILO, there are even MILO snacks and ice-creams! 

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4. How 'Malaysia Boleh' originated from MILO themselves!

In the early 90s, MILO wanted to invoke a confidence boost not only in our athletes but among Malaysians as well, thus, coming up with the slogan, "Malaysia Boleh!"

Since then, this iconic slogan has always been a battle cry for Malaysians to cheer on our athletes. Malaysia Boleh! 

5. Although first prepared in Australia, Malaysia is now home to the largest MILO factory in the world!

That's right. The Chembong factory, established in 1993, is a 43-acre factory that produces the chocolate malt drink and other Nestlé products for Malaysians and 20 other countries!

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Located in Rembau, the factory provides jobs for people residing there as well.

Oh, did you know that Malaysians are also the largest consumers of MILO in the world?

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6. How MILO has always been the champion of sports all these years

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MILO has always been the driving force in sports for many notable athletes in Malaysia such as Datuk Nicol David, Pandelela Rinong, Welson Sim, and so many more. 

Every year, be it directly or indirectly, MILO gets involved in over 200 sports events! That probably explains why you always see MILO trucks during Hari Sukan. :p The Abang MILO is always there to support you!

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7. The first MILO van to operate was actually a three-wheeled motorcycle

Ah, MILO vans. There was just something about the chocolate malt drink from the vans that tasted different and better than the ones made at home. 

Back then, before MILO vans became a thing, MILO was shared from a three-wheeled motorcycle! The three-wheeled motorcycle was often stationed around villages, public parks, police barracks, or any area that had huge traffic. 

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Over the years, the purpose of MILO vans evolved, targeting schools and sports stadiums to invoke a healthy and active lifestyle amongst school children. Did you know that the Abang MILO conducts 20 minutes of senam aerobik every day for school children? 

Check out some of the MILO trucks that operated as early as in the 1950s below. Or witness the vintage MILO vans in person at their event near you! Find out more here.

The three-wheeled MILO motorcycle in the 1950s

Image via MILO

MILO van from the 1960s-70s

MILO van in the 1980s

MILO van today

Image via MILO

To celebrate #MILO70Tahun, MILO wants to pass on the goodness for many more generations to come!

MILO wants to invite all Malaysians to celebrate the momentous occasion at 'Konvoi Kebaikan MILO' on 16 September!

From 8am to 10am at Dataran Merdeka and 4pm to 6pm at Central Market, you can take a stroll down memory lane and get a closer look at MILO's vintage trucks. Don't miss this chance to witness the vintage trucks in person!

Image via MILO

What are you waiting for? Celebrate #MILO70Tahun with MILO by passing on the goodness! Find out more here.

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