Minions Fans! You've Gotta Try This Adorable New Minions Caramel & Chocolate Ice Cream

We want everything Minions!

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Wall's Paddle Pop has launched a new ice cream, Paddle Pop Minions Caramel and Chocolate ice cream. Look how cute it issssss!

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The chocolate and caramel ice-cream is so creamy and delicious. The two classic flavours are perfectly balanced and complement each other really well. Yaaaaas Paddle Pop!

The fact that these cute pops are shaped and styled as Minions is truly the cherry on top (figuratively speaking huhu). What's not to love?

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In celebration of Paddle Pop's Minions Caramel and Chocolate ice cream, here are 5 things you confirm will relate to if you're a huge Minion fan:

1. Your response whenever you see new Minions merchandise

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You get super excited whenever a brand new Minions product gets released, like the new Minions Caramel and Chocolate ice cream ;)

There's even a contest to stand a chance to win Minions CHOMEL merch! More details at the end of the story. 

2. Perhaps you even lined up for hours just to get a certain Minions product... :p

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We soooo can relate to this. If a new product is launched, of course must quickly go and buy!

3. You confirm want to try any food that looks like Minions

Who wouldn't when any Minions food, like the Paddle Pop Minions Chocolate and Caramel ice cream confirm adorable one? We'll take lots of pictures then only can dig in. 

4. You have DEFINITELY sung a Minions song before

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Their songs are sooooo addictive! 

5. You've dressed up as a Minion or had Minions-themed parties

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We will never get tired of yellow and blue.

From now until 30 November, stand a chance to win CHOMEL Minions merch by trying out Paddle Pop's new Minions ice cream filter on Instagram!

Here's what you can win:

1. Grand Prize: 50 x Minions Bluetooth Speaker

Image via Wall's
Image via Wall's

2. 100 x Minions Lego set

Image via Walmart

The prizes are sooooo adorable! 

And here's how you can win:
1. Buy 1 new Minions ice cream
2. Follow Paddle Pop MY on Instagram and get the story filter here
3. Take a chomel picture or video while holding the new Minions ice cream
4. Remember to add a fun, catchy caption
5. Tag "PaddlePopMalaysia" and hashtag #PaddlePopMY and #tastethechomel
6. The most creative Instagram story wins!

You could be one of the 150 lucky winners! Chocolate? Caramel? Omg so CHOMEL ;) 

Terms and conditions apply. While stocks last.

Bursting with excitement to try out the new ice-cream? Grab yours now at the nearest supermarket or find out more here!

Image via Wall's

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