A PDRM Cop Finally Went To "Investigate" MyBurgerLab's Viral Milo-Coated Chicken Strips

Here's the verdict.

Cover image via myBurgerLab

The Milo-coated fried chicken strips that went viral last month was such a hit that it's now being sold at all myBurgerLab outlets this month

In November, over 1,500 chicken strips were sold out in just three hours at Ayam Lejen II's food festival.

Image via myBurgerLab

When it was first announced, netizens jokingly threatened to call the cops for abominating the much-loved childhood chocolate drink with fried chicken

Image via myBurgerLab

Someone even started a petition to get ex-prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to review the bizarre dish.

And then on Sunday, 9 December... this happened

myBurgerLab posted photos on their Facebook of a PDRM cop visiting the store to "investigate" the chicken strips.

Good news, he approved it :D

The caption read: "Case Closed. Ya'll can come makan Milo Budu Chicken strips now. Dijamin sedap."

Image via myBurgerLab

Many netizens are also hooked on the sweet and savoury combo that is served with a Kelantanese Budu dip

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

According to myBurgerLab's founder Renyi Chin, there are two ways you can eat it:

1. Without dipping into the Kelantanese Budu sauce so you can taste more of the chicken and Milo

2. Or by dipping it into the Budu sauce. Just take note that the sauce is relatively strong!

The Milo-coated chicken strips is currently sold at all myBurgerLab outlets for the month of December

You can order it for RM10 per set. But hurry, coz' it's only being sold while stocks last!

Image via myBurgerLab

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