This Malaysian Dish Ranks Among The World's Worst-Rated Foods

It can't be THAT bad?!

Cover image via TasteAtlas

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A Malaysian dish has made it to the list of '100 worst-rated foods in the world'

The Malaysian dish featured on the list — prepared by the international food travel encyclopedia TasteAtlas — is nasi goreng kambing, a traditional local dish made using fried rice and mutton.

This Malaysian version of the one-pot dish, which is also local to Singapore and Indonesia, was ranked 48th on the list.

It fared much worse than the Indonesian rice dish, nasi tim ayam, which ranked 72nd on the list.

Nasi goreng kambing.

Image via TasteAtlas

TasteAtlas curated the list based on the ratings from their audience, which has previously rated roti canai as the best bread in the world

For the '100 worst-rated foods in the world' list, TasteAtlas recorded a total of 396,447 ratings, of which 273,250 were recognised by the system as legitimate.

In terms of rating, nasi goreng kambing received a score of 2.6 out of 5.

Image via TasteAtlas

The top-ranked worst-rated dishes are from the USA and Israel

While Hákarl, the national delicacy of Iceland, was ranked at the top of the list, the Ramen burger from New York, USA, ranked 2nd, and Yerushalmi Kugel from Jerusalem, Israel, ranked 3rd worst in on the list.

Image via TasteAtlas

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