10 Online Stores That Sell Your Fave Childhood Snacks Like Biskut Timbang, Keropok & More

Take us back to simpler days. :')

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It might have been a while since you chased after the roti man for your favourite snacks, but that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy them

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Growing up, you may have munched on all kinds of tidbits. Whether you bought them from the sundry shop or from that roti man who always rode his motorbike in your neighbourhood, it was definitely a joy to get to watch cartoons and snack away.

Now, there are plenty of online stores where you can find all types of nostalgic keropok and nuts. Here's a list of them:

1. Childhood Malaysia

Sourced from suppliers all around Malaysia, Childhood offers snacks exactly as how you remember them as a child. They have physical stores in Klang Valley, as well as an online store.

You'll find everything from magic popping candy, sour ribbon, and red plum candy to pineapple biscuits, keropok roda, and sesame nuts, among others. Spoilt for choice!

You can shop here.

2. snack family

Other than biscuits, snack family sells murukku pagoda and kuaci (sunflower seeds), along with dried snacks like asam boi and shredded squid. Their ubi pedas (spicy tapioca chips) is especially popular. 

You can shop here.

3. Pang Biskut

Having started out as a pasar malam stall, Pang Biskut has now been selling biscuits for over 20 years. They have almost every childhood snack under the sun, from kuih bangkit to lemon cream biscuit and love letters. You name it, they have it. 

You can shop here.

4. Zahra Station

Other than biscuits and wafers, Zahra Station is particularly popular for its variety of dried asam. They have asam boi merah, asam kulit limau, and plenty more options for you to choose from!

You can shop here.

5. CYL Grocery

CYL Grocery is a wholesale retailer that also sells its products online. You can get different kacang and biskut timbang, along with your general dry groceries here.

Everything is shipped out to customers from Negeri Sembilan within one to three working days.

You can shop here.

6. Tinlicious_Dsara

Based in Shah Alam, Tinlicious_Dsara has a variety of traditional biscuits like keropok roda, biskut telinga, and iced gems. Plus, they sell small amounts for as low as RM3 a packet (200g). 

You can shop here.

7. ausgold_08

If you purchase anything before 2pm from ausgold_08, they promise to ship it out within the same day itself, so you won't need to wait too long for your snacks!

Some of their items include Cap Tangan peanuts, PoPo muruku, Khong Guan biscuits, Nyam Nyam rice crispy, and lots more.

You can shop


Whatever biscuits you might have grown up enjoying, this online store probably has it. They sell them in amounts as low as 300g right up to 1kg. But aside from wafers and biscuits, the store also offers dry grocery items, such as dishwashing liquid and flour, in case you need to stock up at one go.

You can shop here.

9. Jajan Viral

Image via Shopee

Not only can you find local snacks, Jajan Viral also offers imported yummies like Daim chocolate, Nutella B-Ready, and Lotus Biscoff spread. They also have several Indonesian snacks! 

You can shop here.

10. KF food trading

Image via Shopee
Image via Shopee

KF food trading sells all kinds of biskut timbang, and they also offer snacks like Super Ring, Tam Tam, rice crackers, and PoPo muruku. They even have White Rabbit sweets that you might remember enjoying with its edible rice paper wrapper. 

You can shop here.

If you're feeling peckish, here are other snacks and desserts you can get:

Did you grow up enjoying any of these?

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