Penang-Born Chef Wins 2 Michelin Stars For Modern Indian Cuisine Restaurant In Singapore

Making Malaysians proud (and hungry!)

Cover image via Thevar (Website & Facebook)

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A Penang-born chef has won two Michelin stars at the Michelin Star Revelation event in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

On 12 July, Thevar by Chef Mano Thevar made waves in the global culinary industry at the event, where over 50 restaurants were awarded while seven new restaurants received their first-ever Michelin star.

The chef, who hails from Penang, first opened Thevar whilst taking inspiration from his Malaysian-Indian roots. Thevar's Indian cuisine, integrated with European techniques from the chef's well-earned experiences, is served with a modern twist.

The restaurant is located on the bustling Keong Saik Street and features inventive fusions of regional Indian flavours

Image via Lifestyle Asia

Chef Thevar brings Indian spices to phenomenal levels as patrons provide high reviews of the grill and bar eatery. The restaurant also has vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options!

Customers are given a multi-course menu called the Chef's Menu where they are served three snack dishes, four appetisers, three main dishes, and two desserts at an approximate price of SGD238+ (RM756) per person.

According to the Michelin Guide, "Thevar’s creative multi-course menu rooted in Indian traditions and crafted with European techniques receives praise from the MICHELIN Guide inspectors for its fascinating combination of flavours and the Penang-born Indian chef’s unique perspective. The food here is described as an array of Indian-inspired cuisine with a fun, modern gaze." 

Thevar serves dishes like tandoori lamb rack which is a lamb dish cooked using the tandoori method

Chef Thevar takes dosai, which is an Indian crispy pancake, to a whole new level by infusing duck in this Duck Dosai dish

Rasam, a delicious spicy soup, is integrated in this unique rasam spice pork crackling sandwich

If you are looking to try out the food at Thevar, be sure to make a reservation as the restaurant does not accept walk-ins.

Here's where Thevar is located:

9 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089117

Operating hours
5.30pm to late (Tuesday to Saturday)
Closed on Sunday and Monday.

Reservations only.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Congratulations to Chef Thevar and the team!

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