8 Places To Order Fresh Yee Sang For Your 2023 CNY Party At Home

We love our fresh vegetables and salmon sashimi. <3

Cover image via @papasan.canteen (Instagram) & @gooddamco (Instagram)

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1. Papasan Canteen

With two branches in Kuchai Lama and Cheras, Papasan Canteen is bringing back their 'Rainbow Yee Sang' for dine-in and takeaway this year.

Their yee sang ingredients include salmon sashimi, octopus, jellyfish, seaweed, pomelo, pear, strawberry, mandarin oranges, radish, and sesame seeds.

It is priced at RM248 for five to eight people. They suggest booking your order date and making payment online as early as you can!

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2. The Fat Fish

The Fat Fish in Mont Kiara specialises in fresh seafood, so you can count on them to make proper yee sang with fresh salmon!

Their popular yee sang comes in three sizes: small (RM55) for one to three pax, medium (RM98) for four to six pax, and big (RM138) for six to 10 pax.

The platters are available for dine-in, takeaway, and delivery.

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3. Gooddam

Modern Italian restaurant Gooddam has two options available for takeaway and delivery, with portions ideal for four to six persons.

The Classic Yee Sang comes with house-smoked salmon and a refreshing citrus sesame vinaigrette for RM158, while the fancier Prosperity Yee Sang goes for RM308 with the addition of grilled lobster and scallop sashimi.

Meanwhile, available for dine-in only is their Mini Classic Yee Sang for two pax at RM88.

You will have to pre-order the yee sang two days ahead of dine-in or takeaway.

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4. Yamesushi

Yamesushi has prepared a Crane Yee Sang platter this year that is served with salmon sashimi and deep fried salmon. The yee sang also includes fresh cucumber, carrots, young papaya, pomelo, purple cabbage, shiso leaves, plum sauce, and it is topped with a lovingly hand-carved radish crane.

The platter serves five to eight people, and is available for pick up or delivery. There is also a vegan version with mango in replacement of salmon.

The yee sang will be available for order every day from 2 January to 5 February (however, they will take a break from 22 January to 24 January) on WhatsApp.

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5. Too Yumm Seafood

Online business Too Yumm Seafood is preparing four types of yee sang for pre-order and delivery this year.

All types of yee sang contain 20 ingredients and are topped with their homemade yuzu or plum sauce. The four yee sang have different toppings: the Prosperity Abundance (with mixed seafood), Prosperity Romance (with salmon sashimi), Prosperity Well (with jellyfish), and Prosperity Garden (for vegetarians).

The platters are also sorted into various sizes ideal for any party, including from petite for solo diners up to large for six to eight pax at affordable prices.

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6. Awesome Canteen

Awesome Canteen is welcoming customers to order their yee sang for dine-in and takeaway until 5 February this year.

It comes in four different sizes: single (RM33), small (RM48) for three to four pax, medium (RM78) for six to eight pax, and large (RM138) for 10 pax.

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7. Salad Atelier

You can also walk in to any Salad Atelier store to order their 'Salmon HUAT Yee Sang' or vegetarian option 'HAPPIEE Prosperity Yee Sang' for your family dinner this year.

The salmon yee sang comes with purple cabbage, carrots, white turnips, pomelo, green mango, cucumber, wakame, white sesame, crushed peanuts, crackers, and a sweet plum sauce.

It comes in three sizes: personal (RM27.25), four to six pax (RM64.98), and six to eight pax (RM83.85).

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8. Flakes

Located in The Hub SS2, Flakes is serving up yee sang again this year with their specialty croissant bits in place of regular ol' crackers.

The platter can feed six to eight people and comes in four different packages: normal (RM68), with salmon (RM98), with abalone (RM128), or with both salmon and abalone (RM168).

You will have to make an order for their yee sang with at least one-day notice before 21 January.

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