Hennessy Launches Mid-Autumn Festival Pack With Cognac-Infused Snow Skin Mooncakes

It's the ultimate mooncake package.

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Hennessy has launched a limited edition Mid-Autumn Festival Pack and it is stunning

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The Box of First Moments is the ultimate mooncake package. To top it off, it comes with a bottle of Hennessy VSOP (700ml).

The beautiful box opens up to reveal gorgeous gifts that are sure to excite.

It offers a selection of premium items, each suited for every moment during the celebration: 
- A bottle of Hennessy VSOP (700ml) 
- Invitation cards
- A rewarding reunion card
- Digital cocktail book
- Lantern kit
- Moon ice mould 
- Mooncakes
- And lastly, calligraphy coasters 

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As the box's name suggests, Hennessy wants moments spent with loved ones during the Mid-Autumn Festival to be renewed and rekindled, as if it's your first

Spread the word and share your first 'Hello' to your family and loved ones using Hennessy's gorgeous invitation cards. 

For all the cocktail connoisseurs out there, bring out the inner mixologist in you with the digital cocktail book

Meant to craft using your bottle of Hennessy VSOP, the cocktail digital book offer numerous recipes you'll be sure to enjoy.

Finish off your crafted cocktails by adding a block of slow-melting sphere-shaped ice from the moon ice mould to give your beverage a cool, classy touch. 

Lastly, serve your beverages with Hennessy's visually-appealing calligraphy coasters to impress your guests.   

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And of course, it's not Mid-Autumn Festival without mooncakes

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These snow skin mooncakes are not the typical mooncakes you would get in supermarkets.

Engraved with intricate flower patterns, the mooncakes come in two different colours, white and black. Bite into them and you'll find them bursting with multiple flavours – lotus paste, egg yolk, and a delicate infusion of Hennessy.

Catch up with your friends and loved ones over a couple of drinks of Hennessy as you enjoy these snow skin mooncakes.

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In the Box of First Moments, the top layer is removable, and once lifted, reveals six coloured lanterns

Rediscover your first spark as you walk down memory lane with the Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern kit. 

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If you're looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones during this Mid-Autumn Festival, this is the mooncake package that has everything:

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Priced at RM337, this limited edition mooncake package is available at The Good Stuff. 

When you get your package, make sure to scan your rewarding reunion card to stand a chance to win a bottle of Hennessy XO (35cl).

It's the ultimate mooncake kit that will make your Mid-Autumn Festival reunion perfect.

Visit The Good Stuff to order your Mid-Autumn Festival pack today!

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