Looking For A Brunch Spot? These Decadent Waffles In Mont Kiara Will Satisfy Your Cravings

You can enjoy both savoury and sweet waffles at ALLO by The Owls Cafe.

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Situated in Arte Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, ALLO by the Owls Cafe is a charming little café where you get to enjoy a variety of food from local delicacies to sweet and savoury waffles

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We were able to try all of their waffle offerings, and here's what we thought:

Note: This list is arranged in no particular order.

1. First up are the Rebecca Waffles, which provided a subtly sweet flavour that was complemented with delicious berries

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Strawberries, blueberries, and bananas (yes, bananas are berries) were provided with these waffles, along with a scoop of Earl Grey ice cream. Paired with a serving of maple syrup, the waffle was garnished with toasted coconut, Hawaiian Coconut, and pistachio.

This waffle stood out from the rest with its not-so-sweet flavour, as the distinct essence of Earl Grey tea gave it a unique flavour. You can even add the maple syrup if you prefer it sweeter.

2. The Chicken & Waffles is a great combo of sweet and savoury, as it came with a serving of maple syrup

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Served with a generous helping of garlic fried chicken, each piece was topped off with paprika. There was also a serving of French butter on top of it all.

We poured maple syrup over the waffles and chicken — and it was the best decision ever. Each bite resulted in a satisfying crunch, with the syrup adding just the right amount of sweetness to it. We also recommend spreading butter on the waffles and eating it together with the fried chicken and syrup, for an even more unique flavour profile.

3. When the David Waffles arrived, the first thing we noticed was the aroma of peanut butter :D

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Similar to the Chocolate Royale Waffles, there were dollops surrounding the waffles, but this time of creamy peanut butter. The waffles themselves were drizzled with chocolate sauce. Generous slices of brûléed bananas were scattered throughout the dish, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Finally, a mini pretzel lay atop the ice cream scoop.

The peanut butter added a velvety richness to the dish, along with the banana with crispy sugary crusts. No syrup is required for this dish, as it is sweet enough on its own. So, if you're a sweet tooth, the David Waffles are for you!

4. Indulge in the Chocolate Royale Waffle, which has plenty of chocolatey goodness to keep you returning for more

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With chocolate ganache drizzled around the waffles, large dollops of cream cheese surrounded the waffles, along with smaller-sized dollops of ganache. There were also digestive crumble and hazelnut praline, which added to its nutty taste. Finally, a scoop of chocolate ice cream lay at the top, and the whole dish was dusted with MILO powder. 

Our verdict? It was divine, as the richness of the chocolate ice cream paired with the cream cheese did wonders to enhance the flavour. However, it was just a tad too sweet for us, so we'd recommend sharing this waffle dish among others. Sharing is caring, no?

5. Last but not least are the Korea Fried Chicken Waffles, a savoury dish that's bound to tantalise your taste buds

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Since the Korea Fried Chicken Waffles is a new menu item, we simply couldn't wait to try it. On top of the waffles were two sunny-side-up eggs, a piece of boneless fried chicken coated with Korean sauce, and to top it all off, grated parmesan cheese and rocket garnish.

Upon arrival, the waffles were warm and crispy, even with the chicken coated in sauce. Taking the first bite, we were pleasantly surprised with a burst of flavour from the succulent fried chicken, which was both juicy and flavourful. The tangy yet sweet Korean sauce was a nice contrast with the savoury fried chicken.

If the idea of digging into these freshly baked waffles with various toppings and flavours excites you, ALLO by The Owls Cafe should definitely be on your next café-hopping trip

The café is hard to miss, as you'll instantly spot the large 'ALLO' sign subtly illuminated with warm lights. Its wooden furnishings and pink highlights give the café a modern look, inviting anyone walking by to enter and discover what they have to offer.

Upon entering, you'll find the café completely bathed in warm and soft lighting, setting the ambiance for a relaxing dining experience

As you can see, its cosy and stylish interior is attributed to its blend of earthy and pastel colours that tie the room together. Patrons will be able to sit on velvet chairs with sleek marble tables for added luxury. 

While you can choose to dine at the ground level, you're welcome to head to the top floor if you prefer more privacy.

All in all, ALLO by the Owls Cafe exudes good vibes, and their irresistible and various waffle creations are set to satisfy everybody

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Whether you enjoy eating ice cream with waffles, or prefer your waffles to be paired with savoury fried chicken, you'll have plenty of options to choose from when you visit this café. The best part is, their waffles are available throughout the day from 8am to 10pm, so you can order them for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. ;)

Find out more about ALLO by the Owls Cafe by checking out their Instagram

To make a reservation, call or WhatsApp 017-636 9953 or DM them on Instagram.

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