8 Easy Phrases To Say When You Toss Yee Sang Instead Of Just Yelling 'Aaaaaaah'

The worst is a silent toss at office events. :')

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1. Gong xi fa cai (恭喜发财)

The easiest phrase to shout! The loose translation from Mandarin is "wishing you good fortune and prosperity".

Money? Good. Wealth? Good. Happiness? Good. If you draw a blank in the excitement of the yee sang toss, just yell gong xi fa cai.

2. Wan shi ru yi (万事如意)

Wan shi ru yi is a Chinese idiom that means "to have everything you do come to fruition". Basically, it's like saying best wishes, or all the best, or may all your hopes be fulfilled.

3. Huat Ah

You probably hear huat ah all the time. This informal phrase is commonly used in Malaysia and Singapore, and is a festive Hokkien expression to wish yourself (and others) prosperity.

Drag the 'ah' for extra oomph and huat ahhhhhh your way to the new year!

4. Shen ti jian kang (身体健康)

Shen ti jian kang translates to "I wish you good health" or "enjoy good health". So, if you're looking for more than just money and wealth in the Year of the Dragon, be sure to say this phrase loud loud.

After all, what's the point of having money when you don't have the health to spend it?

5. Xin xiang shi cheng (心想事成)

Xin xiang shi cheng is a lovely phrase that basically translates to "may all your heart's desires come true".

6. Xue ye jin bu (学业进步)

Xue ye jin bu is geared towards children, teenagers, and students in general. It's for all the clever kids to get straight A's, and translates to "wishing you improvement in academic pursuits".

7. Chang ming bai sui (长命百岁)

For the elders around the table, you can say chang ming bai sui, which means "may you live a long life". This phrase is only used for seniors as a wish for longevity.

8. Sui sui ping an (岁岁平安)

Image via SJ/Unsplash

Ping an literally mean "safe and well". The phrase, sui sui ping an, is used to wish for peace and safety all through the year for the family.

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