Singaporean Guy Gives PSA To Avoid This Drink In Thailand Unless You Need To Poop

It is known for being a natural remedy for constipation.

Cover image via @qazimzim (TikTok)

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A person from Singapore recently went online to warn about a popular Thai drink that he suggests avoiding unless you're close to a restroom

TikTok user @qazimzim explained that he was in Suvarnabhumi Airport waiting for his flight when he decided to get a drink from Thailand's popular milk tea brand, ChaTraMue.

He ordered the pink rose milk tea, thinking it would taste like bandung, but soon discovered, in an unfortunate way, that it's known for its laxative effects.

Image via ChaTraMue

Qazim shared that he was just about to board the plane when he heard his stomach churn and had to rush to the toilet to relieve himself

He said that he had to use the toilet several times before boarding the plane, and even during the flight.

Qazim later discovered that the brand provides a warning about the laxative effects of the pink drink, stating that rose has traditionally been associated with promoting bowel movements after consumption.

The disclaimer is also stated on ChaTraMue's website, "Rose tea is known to improve digestion and has detoxifying properties which may trigger bowel movements for those with a sensitive digestive system."

Rose tea has been praised for its several health benefits, such as supporting skin health and promoting digestive health

Some people find that it can help soothe digestive issues like bloating, cramping, and constipation. Rose tea is also said to contain Vitamin C content that can help support a healthy immune system.

However, people with sensitive digestive systems should exercise extra caution when consuming these type of drinks.

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Image via Ekaterina Kasimova/Unsplash

According to Bangkok Post, when ChaTraMue introduced the rose drinks, its owner Phrawnarin Ruangritthidet was unsure about sharing this detail initially. However, she later chose to be open and honest about it.

Next time you're craving milk tea, remember that while rose tea is generally safe to drink, it's worth noting that it's been associated with "mild laxative effects".

You can watch his full video below:


Got caught in a silly (or sh**ty) situation before a flight. THIS DRINK MADE MY TUMMY GO GLUG GLUG GLUG GLUG. #chatramue #rosemilktea #funnyincident #tiktoksg #bangkok #solotravel

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