Check Out These 7 Tasty Snack Creations By Malaysians That'll Leave You Drooling

Ah ma gawddd... CAN. NOT. RESIST. :9

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Nestlé recently launched their #SnekMacamPro Challenge, asking Malaysians to share their most creative recipes while staying at home.

Cash prizes total up to RM280,000, and the Grand Prize Winner also gets a chance to cook with celebrity chef Naem Ramli on TV3, YASSS!!

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Calling all home cooks, aspiring chefs, and snack enthusiasts, this is your time to SHINEEE :DDD

Your dream of making it to the big screen can be a reality with Cabaran #SnekMacamPro Dengan Nestlé, happening from now until 20 December. All you have to do is highlight your creativity by coming up with unique snacks, desserts, or drink recipes using a variety of Nestlé products.

Sound like a wish come true to you? Keep reading to find out how to join this challenge.

Check out some of the mouthwatering #SnekMacamPro recipes Malaysians have shared so far:

WARNING: This list confirm gonna make you hungry ;P

1. Moist Chocolate Cake with Nescafé and KitKat

Bring your baking skills to the next level with this simple moist chocolate cake recipe featuring Nescafé Blend & Brew Original 3in1 and KitKat. It's perfect if you like your desserts not-too-sweet, and with a hint of coffee and dark chocolate bitterness.

Get the full recipe here.

2. Risole stuffed with MAGGI PAZZTA Cheese Macaroni

Crunchy on the outside, cheesy on the inside, this Pazzta Risole is like the perfect bite-sized mac 'n' cheese snack. Just cook up some MAGGI PAZZTA Cheese Macaroni, and wrap it in risole skin, then fry until golden brown.

Get the full recipe here.

3. JustMilk Mango Sago

This refreshing dessert combining sago, mango, and green apple jelly is the perfect treat, and is pretty simple to make. Just add your mango puree and sago into a bowl, then top off with Nestlé JustMilk, cubed mangoes, and cubed apple jelly.

Get the full recipe here.

4. Omega Omelette Rolls

Fry up an omelette and lay it on aluminium foil. Then, spread your filling made with Nestlé Omega Plus, chicken, vegetables, and sausage, and roll it tight. Steam the roll for 30 minutes, then bread it before frying until golden brown.

Get the full recipe here.

5. Beetroot Passionfruit Vanilla Cooler

This super simple recipe only requires five ingredients - beetroot, passionfruit, lime juice, full cream milk, and vanilla ice cream. The secret is separating the milk into half liquid, and half solid (frozen), then blending all the ingredients together. :D

Get the full recipe here.

6. 3D Jelly Rose made with JustMilk and MILO

This beautiful 3D jelly design is made using a few different layers of jelly. Start with layering the MILO jelly and milk jelly. Then, on the side, make the clear jelly and inject with coloured jelly to get the 3D rose shape. Check out those mad skills.

Get the full recipe here.

7. Veggie Potato Millet NESTUM Chops

You can whip up this simple, healthy snack any time of the day. Just mix all your ingredients and incorporate everything into a soft dough. Next, roll into balls and coat with Nestlé NESTUM, before frying in medium heat until golden brown.

Get the full recipe here.

Inspired to show off your own creative snacks?

Image via Nestlé

From now until 20 December, you can channel your inner chef and show off your cooking skills with Nestlé's #SnekMacamPro Challenge. You could win up to RM280,000 in cash prizes and also get a chance to cook with celebrity chef Naem Ramli on TV3, woohoooo!! :D

Prizes up for grabs:
- Grand Prize: RM25,000 (x1)
- First Prize: RM15,000 (x2)
- Second Prize: RM5,000 (x5)
- Third Prize: RM500 (x400)

Here's how to join this challenge:

STEP 1: Come up with a creative snack or drink recipe using any Nestlé product. You can check out Nestlé's official online shop on Lazada and Shopee.

STEP 2: Take a photo or video of your recipe, and make sure to include any Nestlé products used in the recipe. You can also feature yourself in these photos and videos.

STEP 3: Upload your recipe on Facebook or Instagram. Make sure your profile is set to public.

STEP 4: Include the hashtags #SnekMacamPro and #DearNestle

STEP 5: Make sure to tag all your friends and share, share, share!

PRO-TIP: The more Nestlé products you use in your recipe, the greater your chances of winning! Check out the terms and conditions to see the participating Nestlé brands.

There are over 400 cash prizes to be won, so don't miss your chance to take part in Nestlé's #SnekMacamPro Challenge on their website today!

In need of more recipe ideas? Head over to Dear Nestlé's website to get inspired!

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