The Happy Meal McDonald's Playset Is Now Available In Malaysia. Here's What's In It

It's giving nostalgic moments and the adults are lovin' it.

Cover image via McDonald's & @shoyumie (TikTok)

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Grab your car keys and head to McDonald's because the Happy Meal McDonald's playset is now available in Malaysia

Each week from 13 October until 3 November, new McDonald's-themed items will be released such as the happy meal box, crew visor, microphone, patty grill machine, spinning menu cash register, orange juice dispenser, and a drive-thru microphone.

If you have always wanted to roleplay as one of the workers, head over to the nearest outlet because you don't want to miss out on these limited editions.

The timeline for happy meal adult playset inclusions during the one-month promotion.

Image via McDonald's

Malaysians are already getting their hands on the new McD collectables, with many taking to TikTok to share their excitement

The Happy Meal McDonald's playset is bringing out the inner child in these grown-ups, who are clearly having lots of fun acting as one of the workers while using the crew visor and microphone playset.

One of the relatable skits is from TikTok user @zhanxiang98, where he is reenacting as a McDonald's worker taking orders along with his friends on their first vs last day of work.

Another TikToker and his friends even dressed up as McDonald's workers and greeted actual McDonald's workers at the drive-thru

They greeted the worker at the drive-thru while grabbing their order from the car, prompting laughter from many people and even the drive-thru worker herself in the video.


Replying to @nurulalia89 jarang mesin ais krim tak rosak

Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

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