These Endigy Drinks Are Kononnya The Next Big Thing So Of Course We HAD To Try Them

Do they live up to all that hype?

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There's been a lot of hype about Endigy, a coffee-making machine that supposedly has great quality beans and varieties, and makes a variety of drinks with the precision of a barista

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Although it hasn't been revealed to the public yet, we've heard this machine is connected to tech giants like Tesla :O Whether or not that's true... we'll have to wait and see!

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So we were psyched when we were given the chance to try Endigy for ourselves! Here's what we discovered:

1. "I buy coffee every day, but this is so much more convenient and totally tastes just as good as my usual"

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Drink tried: Café au lait

"I either DIY my own cuppa every morning with our office coffee machine or walk to a nearby cafe to buy a cup. On the one hand, my DIY coffee is free but I'm so cincai with it that I don't even bother frothing the milk. I just pour it in straight out of the fridge haha! Meanwhile, it takes time, energy, AND money to have to go and buy coffee so... I loved that this coffee required zero effort on my part and still tasted great, right down to the creamy aftertaste of the milk."

- Judith, 33

2. "Oooh the silky foam makes it so tasty and fun to drink!"

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Drink tried: Cappuccino

"Loved the foaminess of the cappuccino! The aroma of the espresso came through really well, and the silkiness of the foam and milk was the perfect complement. If you're looking for a extra caffeine kick like me, you can double up on the espresso!"

- Jeremy, 25

3. "My latte macchiato had such pretty layers and I love the full, creamy milk froth!"

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Drink tried: Latte macchiato

"The full cream milk adds a lot of body and richness to the coffee, and the foam was totallly spot on. It totally tastes as yummy as my usual cafe order!"

- Laila, 32

4. "I'm actually really surprised this wasn't made by a barista to be honest..."

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Drink tried: Latte macchiato

"I usually take my coffee black so it was fun to try something different. I like the variety and enjoyed playing around with the settings to get different drinks. It's probably the easiest, most convenient way to get frothy milk in the office."

- Chris, 31

5. "It's not just coffee! They have a variety of other drinks too omg."

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Drink tried: Hot chocolate

"It has a clean chocolate taste with a pleasant scent of vanilla and it's not too heavy on the palate. Pop in a few ice cubes and you've got a delish iced chocolate! That said, it's not exactly my cup of tea (LOL, bad joke. Sorry!) since I like my hot cocoa thick, sweet, and more dessert-like!"

- Nandini, 28

6. "I have pretty high standards as an avid hot chocolate drinker and this one lived up to my expectations"

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Drink tried: Hot chocolate

"The rich cocoa taste and smooth milk really blended well together! It's a great alternative for instant hot cocoa as the machine does the job for you and is super convenient. The temperature was just nice and the combination fit really well for me."

- Gwen, 27

7. "The roasted taste was very soothing and the bitterness was not overpowering"

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Drink tried: Espresso Single Origin

"The acidity was mild and not strong so it gives a good balance. I can definitely see myself having this during the evening while watching Netflix."

- Tarvin, 27

8. "The light bodied yet flavourful black coffee gives a good kick and smells great"

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Drink tried: Americano

"The bitter aftertaste was just right. This coffee would fit nicely in my morning routine."

- Sam, 33

9. "It exceeded my expectations!"

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Drink tried: Grande Intenso + Espresso Intenso

"The hot water is a tad bit too hot, but the flavour profile of my long black with an extra shot of single origin espresso was quite rich and nutty. Definitely tasted some nutty almond nodes. It tasted great on its own but I'd also really enjoy this particular type of coffee with steamed milk, like a latte."

- Kenneth, 29

So did Endigy live up to all that hype? We say... owhhh yeah!

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Though some of us had some personal preferences, the general consensus across the board was that the Endigy machines were convenient, super easy to use, and made a variety of quality drinks.

The big reveal behind Endigy is tipped to happen in just a few weeks and we. Can't. WAIT.

Stay tuned to SAYS for more updates coming soon!

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