1,000 Housemen To Join The Fight Against COVID-19 Situation In Malaysia

The 1,000 housemen will be deployed at public hospitals nationwide.

Cover image via Bernama & Sinar Harian

The Ministry of Health has just announced that 1,000 new housemen will join the fight against COVID-19 situation in Malaysia

The new housemen will join the front line staff by Monday, 16 March, according to the MOH announcement.

The 1,000 housemen will be deployed at public hospitals nationwide.

Bernama reported newly-appointed Health Minister Dr Adham Baba saying that the housemen will help facilitate operations in the country due to the coronavirus disease.

MOH said that the new housemen will undergo an induction process so they can be trained to help deal with COVID-19 cases

Dr Adham Baba said all the housemen will undergo a five-day induction training.

"The immediate placement of these 1,000 housemen is to ease the burden of existing doctors focused on the COVID-19 cases. They will not be involved in the operation of the COVID-19 case but rather in the case of ordinary health cases such as fever, cold, and so on," he told a press conference at the Permai Hospital.

Image via Sinar Harian

Meanwhile, 40 attendees of a four-day ijtimak tabligh gathering at Jamek Sri Petaling Mosque have tested positive for COVID-19:

On the other hand, the outbreak has escalated to a new level with Europe now becoming the "epicentre" of the global pandemic:

In the meantime, if you think you've been exposed to the virus, here are the steps you should follow to help contain the situation: