10KM Travel Limit For Phase 1 Areas Removed But You Still Can't Cross Districts & States

Exceptions will be given to those who have obtained permission from the relevant authorities.

Cover image via Azhar Ramli/New Straits Times

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10km radius limit for travel has now been removed for areas under Phase 1 of the National Recovery Plan (NRP), according to the National Security Council's (MKN) updated COVID-19 guidelines from 20 August

While the 10km limit is no longer there, the new standard operating procedures (SOPs) still prohibit crossing district borders or interstate travel for areas under Phase 1 of NRP.

However, exceptions will be given to those who have obtained permission from the relevant authorities.

New Straits Times reported that two persons representing a household who have yet to complete their vaccination may travel to obtain essential supplies with the 10km travel limit removed.

Additionally, three people including patients are also allowed to go out for health care services.

For the fully vaccinated, the number of occupants allowed per vehicle is now up to the full seating capacity of the vehicle

The criteria for fully vaccinated individuals are: having completed 14 days after receiving the second dose of the vaccines and 28 days for single-dose vaccines.

The new SOPs came into force yesterday.

States under Phase 1 of NRP are:

- Selangor,
- Kuala Lumpur,
- Putrajaya,
- Negeri Sembilan,
- Melaka,
- Johor, and
- Kedah

Over the week, cross-district and interstate travel restrictions for certain fully vaccinated individuals in Phase 1 states were removed

Couples living apart in different states, and parents living away from their children including individuals whose movements have been approved by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the police.

The relaxation of restrictions comes amidst Malaysia hitting record high daily COVID-19 cases. Read more about new SOPs here:

With states and federal territories undergoing different phases of the NRP, the government has launched a website exclusively for information regarding the national COVID-19 four-phase exit plan:

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