17-Year-Old Sexually Assaulted By Ambulance Staff While Being Transported To A Hospital

She was experiencing severe stomach pains.

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A 17-year-old girl was sexually assaulted while in an ambulance on the way to a hospital on Sunday, 21 April

The girl, who works at a university cafe in Selangor, was experiencing severe stomach pains at around 7.30pm, China Press reported.

After calling her employer to help her, the teenager fainted

Her employer took her to the university clinic, where the doctor recommended that she seek treatment at a hospital due to her serious condition.

The doctor then arranged for the university's ambulance to take her to the hospital.

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When the employer arrived at the hospital to visit the 17-year-old, he found her crying and trembling in fear.

She revealed that she was sexually assaulted by an ambulance staff.

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She said that while she was lying down, the 22-year-old man groped her chest and sexually assaulted her with his finger.

While she was conscious at the time, the girl explained that she was too physically weak to stop him.

After speaking to her, the girl's employer lodged a police report

The 22-year-old has since been arrested, China Press reported. 

The case is now being investigated under Section 377C of the Penal Code and Section 14(a) of the Sexual Offences Against Children Act 2017.

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