1MS4HW Is The Programme To Unleash 'Hidden Talents' Of Malaysian Housewives

It's not a new programme, but the government has renewed its high hopes on the 1Malaysia Support For Housewives programme and its impact on the future of Malaysian housewives.

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A Few Days After The Budget 2015 Announcement By Najib, "1MS4HW" Gets Special Mention By Deputy Human Resources Minister, Ismail Abdul Muttalib

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Speaking at the launch of the seminar, titled ‘Seminar on implementation of minimum wages: Lessons learnt from the Asean member states and dialogue partners’, Ismail also said the government was preparing to face challenges from the implementation of minimum wage in the country.

“There Are A Lot Of Women Who Have Hidden Talents Or Skills, But Would Rather Take Care Of Their Children And Families, Rather Than Take Up A Paying Job," He Said

Deputy Human Resources Minister, Ismail Abdul Muttalib

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The programme is to emphasise skills training and incentives for housewives to improve their opportunities to return to the job market. “We, from the ministry, are trying to implement different approaches to help reveal these skills and get them to contribute to the country,” Ismail told reporters at the launch of a seminar on minimum wage today.

What Is 1MS4HW? The Complicated Abbreviation Simply Stands For "1Malaysia Support for Housewives' Programme" And It Isn't All That New. It Was Launched Back In 2013 When Dr S. Subramaniam Was The Human Resources Minister.

The 1Malaysia Support for Housewives programme (1MS4HW) was officially launched by the Ministry of Human Resources on Thursday (in 2013) is expected to benefit housewives, single mothers and the disabled.
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The programme, which was introduced in July by the government under the Blue Ocean Strategy, involves various ministries and government agencies that would offer their services to help housewives.

Its Mission? To Create Job Opportunities For Housewives From Low-Income Households To Help Generate Additional Income For Their Families

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Faizah Zee, 49, is doing something a little out of her comfort zone for a change. Having been a housewife for over two decades while her husband serves as an officer at the Kajang Prison, the bubbly mother of four wants to venture into business as a tailor by taking up a sewing course. “My children have all gone off to boarding schools and my husband works long hours to support them, so I figured I could help out by making some money on the side,” she said, while proudly displaying a brown cloth bag she had threaded. She was part of a six-module sewing programme as part of the 1Malaysia Support For Housewives initiative aimed at enabling Malaysian housewives from poor backgrounds or married to serving enforcement officers to earn their own income.

Over 110,000 Housewives Including Single Mums And The Disabled Were Involved In 10 Programmes Under 1MS4HW Since 2012, According To BN

Timbalan Menterinya Datuk Maznah Mazlan berkata program diperkenalkan kerajaan menerusi strategi lautan biru itu bertujuan menjana pendapatan tambahan kepada golongan terbabit dan memperbaiki ekonomi keluarga mereka. "Tahun lepas, lebih 110,000 suri rumah termasuk ibu tunggal dan orang kurang upaya melibatkan diri dalam 10 program di bawah '1Malaysia Support For Housewives'.

Today, Only 38% Of Malaysian Women Are Out In The Workforce

Next Year, The Government Will Continue To Focus On Efforts To Intensify The Involvement Of Women In The Malaysian Job Market And In Entrepreneurial Activities

All the seven strategies of Budget 2015

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The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development is allocated RM2.26 billion for development and operating expenditure. Among the programmes include strengthening the Women Directors Programme to achieve the 30% participation of women in decision-making positions. In 2015, the Government plans to train 125 potential women directors to fill the position as members of the board of Government-linked companies and the private sector.

The government is also to introduce programmes such as 1Malaysia Support for Housewife programme and Wanita Career Comeback programme to encourage housewives and professional women to participate in entrepreneurship efforts and job markets.

In His Budget 2015 Speech, Najib Acknowledges, "Indeed Women Are Special. Their Uniqueness Not Only Adds Grace To The Family But They Also Play A Crucial Role In Addressing Life's Challenges."

Najib and wife Rosmah, in 2012

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The Government is concerned with the well-being of women, particularly in terms of safety. Accordingly, the Government will buy the premises for the Women Special Protection Homes in the Eastern, Northern and Central zones. In addition, to provide opportunities for single mothers who are interested in entrepreneurship, the Government will continue the Single Mother Skill Incubator Programme (I-KIT), Women Entrepreneurship Incubator Programme (IkUnita) and Women Core Development Programme.

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