25-Year-Old Woman Mercilessly Thrashed By Her Cop Father For Having A Boyfriend

Her mother stood there, blaming her for the "shame she has brought upon the family."

Cover image via Nivedita Chakraborty

While Senior Police officials were busy celebrating 'International Women's Day' at the City Police Commissioner's Office in Bangalore, India, on 12 March, a woman, who is said to be in her 20s, was being publicly beaten black and blue by her cop father

The woman being kicked by her own father in the groin, while her mother stands there silently.

Image via Nivedita Chakraborty

As the well-built man was seen grabbing the helpless woman by her hair and was slapping and kicking her repeatedly in her groin, a crowd of at least 50 people were mute spectators to the incident!

The man is identified as Raja Ram, a sub-inspector from Madurai police station. Her mother, a silent spectator of the entire incident, is a teacher. They had heard rumours that she was dating someone and decided to teach her a lesson in the middle of the road.

While nobody came to intervene, she was rescued only when two young women rushed to help her before alerting the police. They wrested her from the man and ushered her into their car. The incident took place near a prominent area of East Bangalore.

Nivedita Chakraborty and Archana Sharad, the two women who came to the abused woman's rescue, were on their way to office in the morning, when they witnessed the atrocity in front of their eyes

"We were shocked to see this man, well-built, kicking a girl in her groin repeatedly in public. We got off the car and my friend tried to push him away, while I tried to remove his hands from her hair," Nivedita wrote on her Facebook page, who first shared the incident.

The girl's name is Surya. Originally from Madurai, she works in Bangalore. Surya has denied the rumours that she is dating someone.

The father wanted to take her back to Madurai , against the wishes of the adult daughter and forcibly marry her to someone of their choice. The mother , a teacher kept blaming Surya for the "shame that she has brought upon her family".

The police came and took the victim and her parents to the police station. They were let off after counselling. Meanwhile, the man had sat down on Nivedita's car bonnet, refusing to let them drive.

Nivedita said that there was a young man standing by, trying to help. Once they freed the girl, they asked him to help her get out there. "He had a helmet in his hand, so we told him to take her away on his bike. But then the father removed the key from the bike," she said.

Desperate to get her out there, both women tried to hire an autorickshaw but the father stopped them. Finally, to escape the man, they locked themselves inside their car for over 30 minutes along with the battered woman. "We wanted to get out of there, but he sat on our bonnet. There were so many people standing by, if one of them had removed him from the car, we could have taken her to safety. But no one did," said Nivedita.

They called the cops but the cops turned up only half hour later. It was while sitting in the car, with a furious man waiting outside, that the girl told the story. "She said her father was a sub-inspector with Madurai police and hearing the rumors he landed up at her hostel in the morning. He dragged her out of the hostel and started attacking her. She kept saying the rumors weren't true, but he wouldn't believe her," she added.

The local police won't be taking suo motu* case against the father for assaulting his daughter, saying this is a minor family matter

However, Nivedita asked, "if a cop itself physically and publicly abuses his adult daughter, how safe are we in the hands of such protectors of law?"

"He is a cop and he was beating up his daughter mercilessly. And then you have a crowd of people who are watching the drama without moving an inch. Makes you wonder what sort of society we live in."

Suo motu* means "on its own motion". It's a Latin legal term, used where a government agency acts on its own cognizance, as in "the police took suo motu control over the matter."

While the girl didn't want to file a complaint against her father, so he was let go, Nivedita, who shared the incident on Facebook, is still worried. Her post has been shared widely on social media today.

While on one hand we have cruel father as the one above, on the other hand we have a father who completely supports his daughter

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