26-Year-Old Nurse From Sungai Buloh Hospital Dies Due To COVID-19

"This is really heartbreaking. She had a beautiful soul. Please pray for her so that her soul can rest in peace," said her sister.

Cover image via China Press

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A young Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nurse from Sungai Buloh Hospital died due to COVID-19 on 5 June

According to China Press, 26-year-old Mugilarasi Perumal succumbed to the virus at Ampang Hospital last weekend.

Mugilarasi's sister, when contacted by China Press, shared that her sister was a kind-hearted, friendly, and diligent person.

Hailing from Batu Gajah, Perak, Mugilarasi was the youngest among five siblings, and has worked at Sungai Buloh Hospital for three years.

Image via China Press

Unfortunately, while being devastated by Mugilarasi's demise, the sister said their family has had to contend with rumours being circulated about the cause of her sister's death

Vanakkam Malaysia reported that Mugilarasi was initially admitted to Ampang Hospital for abdominal pain, but eventually succumbed to COVID-19 during the stay.

The sister also begged the public to stop spreading a video of her sister's funeral on social media.

Earlier this week, the video showing their family mourning and crying as medical staff placed Mugilarasi's body in a coffin before it was cremated was widely circulated.

The family was separated by a glass window as healthcare workers and the funeral parlour employees handled the body.

"This is very sensitive to our family," Mugilarasi's sister said. "Please understand our feelings and please report or remove the relevant video."

Image via China Press

The family has lodged a police report on the video and begged the public to stop spreading it or any rumours regarding Mugilarasi's death

"This is really heartbreaking. She had a beautiful soul. Please pray for her so that her soul can rest in peace," the sister added.

According to the memorial announcement, Mugilarasi's funeral was on Sunday, 6 June, before she was cremated at a crematorium in Cheras.

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