3 Cabinet Ministers Have Revealed Their Assets And Liabilities To The People

Their declaration of assets is directly accessible to the public.

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In this day and age, when politicians fight hard to keep what they own a secret from the public who elected them, it's refreshing to see a set Ministers from Malaysia's newly formed Cabinet have no qualms about letting the people know how much they are worth

These Cabinet Ministers are Defence Minister, Health Minister, and Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Minister, who have put all their worth under their names.

Their declaration of assets, which is directly accessible to the public, show the ministers' liabilities, income, expenditure, big-ticket gifts as well as their inheritances.

According to NST Online, which first reported about the asset declaration, the signing of each declaration was witnessed by a commissioner of the oath and it includes the year the assets were acquired, their value, and how they were acquired.

Here are the three Cabinet Ministers and their assets:

1. Mat Sabu, the Minister of Defence

The Parti Amanah Negara President is worth RM688,000.

Mat Sabu, who declared his assets on 13 March, said he had RM105,000 in savings and had invested RM220,000 in unit trusts and insurance.

According to his declaration, the Defence Minister does not have a car registered in his name but owns five properties with his wife. Their properties are valued at RM758,000. They include two plots of land in Penang and Perak.

Mat Sabu with Dr Mahathir.

Image via NST Online

2. Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, the Minister of Health

The Parti Amanah Negara member is worth RM1.98 million.

Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, who is Johor Amanah deputy chairman, declared that he received a gift from his sibling. It's a watch worth RM10,000.

He also has an RM2 million home in Shah Alam, which he acquired from his father-in-law in 2003. He bought two used cars totalling RM84,800 in 2009 and 2012.

Image via TMI

3. Salahuddin Ayub, the Minister of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry

Salahuddin Ayub has RM740,570 to his name.

According to his declaration, the Deputy President of Parti Amanah Negara is still servicing an RM70,000 loan for one of the three cars he owns.

Image via airtimes

In addition to these, the Asset Declaration website, which is an initiative by non-governmental organisation Invoke Malaysia, also includes the declaration from other members of the PH coalition

You can access the declarations directly here.

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