3 Maids Working For A Tan Sri In Country Heights Ran Away After Being Allegedly Abused

They claim to have been punched and slapped by their employer.

Cover image via Asian Correspondent & TTN (edited)

Three women, aged 25, 29 and 41, ran away from a bungalow in Country Heights, Kajang, to the Indonesian embassy alleging that their Tan Sri employer and his Puan Sri wife had been abusing them

They fled from their employer last Friday and the embassy lodged a police report, Kajang District Police chief ACP Ahmad Dzaffir Mohd Yussof said today, 30 March.

"Embassy officials made a report on 22 March regarding the abuse.

"The three victims, aged between 25 to 41, had worked with their employer for seven years, four years and six months, respectively," Ahmad Dzaffir told the Star Online.

Image via TTN

Police found in preliminary investigations that they ran away after being unable to put up with the rough treatment by the employer

All three claimed that they had been punched and slapped, as well as had their pay and passports withheld.
ACP Ahmad Dzaffir.

They were helped by an unknown man who brought them to the Indonesian embassy after the three victims escaped by climbing the fence of their employer's house.

During the inspection at the bungalow, police seized two passports and an identity card which belonged to the victims, Ahmad Dzaffir said, as reported by Malay Mail.

The maids have been placed at a shelter home after the police obtained a temporary protection order from the Kajang magistrate

ACP Ahmad Dzaffir revealed that while they are investigating the case under Section 13 of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Anti-Smuggling of Migrants Act 2007, the maids were sent for a medical examination at the Kajang Health Clinic, reported Malay Mail.

"Medical checks on the victims showed no signs of physical injuries. The same checks also showed no signs of sexual or mental abuse on the victims," he told the Star Online.

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