3 Non-Muslims Now Hold The Top Legal Posts In Malaysia And That Worries PAS

The party accused the government of "ignoring" the concerns of Muslims over the appointments.

Cover image via Lobak Merah

Following the appointment of Tan Sri Richard Malanjum as Malaysia's chief justice on 11 July, the top positions in the judicial branch are now held by non-Muslims

From left: Attorney-General Tommy Thomas, Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Datuk Liew Vui Keong, and Chief Justice Tan Sri Richard Malanjum.

Image via Lobak Merah

Chief Justice Tan Sri Richard Malanjum joins Attorney-General Tommy Thomas, and Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Datuk Liew Vui Keong, in taking charge of the country's legal affairs.

Hailing from Sabah, Richard Malanjum is the first non-Muslim Chief Justice of Malaysia since 1963.

However, their appointments have upset the Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), who accused the government of being "ignorant" to the concerns and well-being of Muslims

Free Malaysia Today reported PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan as alleging that the non-Muslim appointments have caused uneasiness among Muslims in the country, especially after the appointment of Malanjum, who has a judicial record of being "unsympathetic" to Islam.

"Now it is complete, the triumvirate of the legal sectors and judiciary are being helmed by figures that (worry) the Muslim community," Nasrudin was quoted as saying by Malay Mail.

"Since these three positions are held by worrying figures, what hope is there to look forward to in the sense of the legal welfare for the Muslims in the country?" he questioned.

Nasrudin further alleged that Malaysian Muslims were already in a shaky position under Barisan Nasional's rule previously

PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan

Image via Malay Mail

"Muslims were already topsy-turvy during the time of Barisan Nasional, but it is clear now the changes being pledged are actually guided towards a bad and worse off situation," the PAS information chief said. 

Nasrudin also likened the Pakatan Harapan government to a crocodile.

"What sort of situation is this where Muslims are saved from the tiger's jaw but are instead ripped apart by a crocodile?" he questioned.

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