[PHOTOS] 3 Passengers Injured After ETS Collides With KTM Komuter Near Batang Kali

There were a total of 510 passengers on both trains when the incident occurred.

Cover image via Ery Rahim/Twitter

In an incident that occurred around 2pm, a KTM train with 13 carriages collided with an ETS train heading towards Ipoh.

The collision between the two trains caused light injuries to three passengers who were brought to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Image via NST
Image via NST

It caused panic among more than 500 passengers on both trains

Image via NST

The KTM train was traveling from Butterworth to Kuala Lumpur while the ETS was en route from KL to Ipoh at the time collision

A preliminary report from Fire and Rescue Department has confirmed that the accident involved three coaches, reported Astro Awani.

"Some passengers in the front coaches suffered minor injuries. A lady fainted," The Star quoted its reporter Cecilia Kok as saying

Image via BOMBA

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