3 Singaporeans Arrested On The Same Day For Disobeying Immigration Officers At JB CIQ

They were going through checkpoints at the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) checkpoint in Johor Bahru.

Cover image via TODAYOnline

Three Singaporean motorists were arrested on 25 July in two separate incidents for failing to comply with rules and regulations at the Sultan Iskandar Building’s Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) checkpoint

Malay Mail reported that these incidents have prompted the Immigration Department to enforce strict action, including on-the-spot arrests, against travellers from the city-state for unruly behaviour. 

The first incident reportedly happened in the morning when a Singaporean woman driving a Mercedes-Benz was arrested for provoking an officer near one of the checkpoints

She also allegedly tried to obstruct an immigration officer after she was brought to the Immigration Department’s operation office.

At around 10.45pm the same day, immigration officers took in two Singaporeans who allegedly refused to show their faces at a passport counter

Image via Prize Auto

The 25-year-old driver and his female passenger were in a Mercedes-Benz when they berated an officer and later caused a commotion at the department's operation office.

According to Malay Mail, both incidents have been classified under Section 56 (1)(g) of the Immigration Act 1959/1963 for obstructing an immigration officer

A source revealed to the English daily that officers stationed at passport counters would occasionally face unruly Singaporeans travellers.

"The officers have to face verbal abuse and even physical threats against them while discharging their duties," said the source.

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