3-Year-Old Girl Stabbed In The Skull By A 25cm-Long Chopstick After She Fell On It

10cm of the chopstick went through her skull.

Cover image via TVBS

A 3-year-old girl in Jiangxi province, China, was stabbed in the skull by a 25cm-long chopstick on 11 April

Image via TVBS

TVBS reported that the incident occurred while the toddler was having dinner with her family. 

The 3-year-old reportedly ran around in the living room while holding a chopstick. 

10cm of the 25cm-long chopstick went through the girl's skull through her mouth after she fell in the living room

Image via TVBS

According to China Press, the end of the chopstick could be felt at the back of the 3-year-old's head

Nonetheless, the chopstick, which went through her tonsils into her pharynx, did not cause bleeding in the girl's mouth. 

Doctors revealed that she was lucky the chopstick did not go through any of her vital organs

Image via TVBS

TVBS reported that it had only injured the girl's soft tissue in her skull. 

Following successful removal of the chopstick, the 3-year-old is currently in stable condition and under observation. 

According to China Press, the chopstick was left in the toddler's head for over eight hours before the surgery began as her parents were referred to a local hospital by a clinic. 

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