There Are 39 Different Ways You Can Mark Your Ballot Paper According To The EC

You probably didn't know there are so many ways.

Cover image via Election Commission

There are many ways you can mark your ballot paper when you vote. Although, the ‘X’ is said to be an ideal mark, a tick, dot, asterisk, or any other symbol that is clear and legible is also accepted, according to the Election Commission guidebook.

Here are some other examples of accepted ways you can mark your ballot paper:

Note: The following information and images were retrieved from the Election Commission's (EC) guide, 'Panduan Untuk Memutuskan Undi Ragu'.

If the mark is within the name of the candidate, it is accepted

... or if it is within the candidate's symbol, it is also acceptable

Another approved way is if there is more than one marking made within a candidate's box like below:

If the mark is placed slightly outside of the candidate's box but does not enter into any other candidate's box, it is accepted as well

If the paper is slightly torn but does not affect the marking, official stamp, or serial number, it can still be accepted

Another acceptable method is if the marking is made from the voter's inked finger, as long as the print is within one candidate's box

If some of the ink accidentally touches the rest of the paper, outside of any other boxes, it is also accepted

Now that you know the right way to mark your ballot paper, these are some things to avoid:

Voting slips that are not stamped with a serial number, trademark or official stamp at the top left of the paper should be rejected immediately and swapped for another piece

Any mark given to more than one candidate will be considered spoilt

Ensure that there are no marks on the back of your ballot paper before you vote. If there are, don't hesitate to ask for a new piece.

Markings made outside of a candidate's name, candidate's symbol, and marking box will not be accepted

Any indication that can identify the voter will also not be accepted as a vote

Avoid drawing or doodling anywhere on the ballot paper as they will not be counted as votes

Pornographic, sensitive, or written words scribbled on the paper will also not be accepted

If the voting paper is torn affecting the serial number and official stamp, it will not be accepted

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