4D Lottery Outlets In Kedah Can Still Operate Throughout 2022 Despite MB's Call To Ban

Kedah Menteri Besar (MB) Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor was criticised for banning 4D lottery businesses in the state, while on the other hand, trying to push for legalising ketum leaves for export purposes.

Cover image via Free Malaysia Today & New Straits Times

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4D lottery outlets in Kedah can still operate until the end of this year despite Menteri Besar (MB) Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor's call to ban last November

State Health and Local Government Committee chairman Datuk Dr Mohd Hayati Othman made the announcement during the state assembly yesterday, 23 March, reported New Straits Times.

According to him, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) had renewed the licences for the businesses last year before Sanusi's announcement on 14 November.

"The MOF has informed us that it had renewed all the licences applied by the operators until 31 December 2022, before the announcement made by the MB," Hayati told the House during his winding-up speech.

"After taking the legal implications into account, the state government has decided that the licence for gambling premises under the Number Forecast Operator (NFO) agents and association clubs in the state are allowed to continue until 31 December, as approved by the MOF."

State Health and Local Government Committee chairman Datuk Dr Mohd Hayati Othman.

Image via Berita Harian

Hayati said, as of yesterday, there are 44 operating 4D lottery outlets, with only one premises that has ceased operation

"We hope the operators of the premises will make good use during this period to find an alternative business to build a sustainable income," said the State Health and Local Government Committee chairman.

"The state government has requested the local governments, district offices, the police, as well as other relevant agencies to monitor and carry out enforcement to ensure that Kedah is free from gambling activities by 1 January 2023."

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via Berjaya

During the state assembly yesterday, Sanusi was criticised for practising double standards.

On one hand, he is trying to cease the operation of 4D lottery outlets in Kedah, while on the other hand he is pushing for the export of ketum leaves to Thailand.

According to Free Malaysia Today, Derga state assemblyperson (ADUN) Tan Kok Yew commended Sanusi's idea of exporting ketum — considered a narcotic drug that is banned in Malaysia — to curb smuggling activities.

However, the ADUN aligned with Pakatan Harapan said the MB does not apply the same method of administration on gambling businesses.

"What puzzles me is, if the MB could use this method to stop the smuggling of ketum leaves, why did he tackle other issues differently?" Tan asked.

"On the issue of gambling, the MB halted the renewal of licences, citing it as a bad influence despite all 4D gaming shops being permitted under the law. As a result of his action, a lot of illegal betting has sprung up."

"So, if ketum exports are allowed, what is the guarantee there will be no more substance abuse and smuggling taking place?"

Tan told Sanusi not to embarrass Kedah with his actions.

In November last year, Sanusi said banning 4D lottery outlets was to tackle social ills caused by gambling:

Meanwhile, the MB said last week that Kedah is prepared to become a "legal hub" for ketum leaves:

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