56-Year-Old Man Dies After Being Run Over By Train In Sabah

His body was discovered when people saw dogs surrounding it.

Cover image via Borneo Today & Polis Daerah Beaufort (Facebook)

A man was recently found dead on the railway tracks at Batu 62 1/2 in Beaufort, Sabah

According to Bernama, the body was discovered around 3.30pm on Sunday, 22 November.

The victim, who has been identified as 56-year-old Sabiri Idong, was found lying down on the tracks with severe injuries to his body.

Image via Borneo Today

The sight of several dogs surrounding an object on the railway tracks led to the discovery of the dead body

Beaufort police chief DSP Azmir Abd Razak told Sinar Harian that the body was found by a train driver who was headed to Beaufort from Halogilat to pick up some items.

He said, "The driver noted that he saw an object on the tracks that was surrounded by several dogs. Once he approached the object, he realised it was a dead body."

The driver then informed the head of the Beaufort train station of the discovery and police believe that the man was run over by a train.

Beaufort police chief DSP Azmir Abd Razak.

Image via Malaysia Gazette

Meanwhile, another driver said that he did not see the body on the tracks throughout his journey

According to Berita Harian, the driver went from Beaufort station to Halogilat station. After dropping off passengers, he returned to Beaufort around 3pm.

"But throughout his journey to and fro, he did not see anyone on the tracks and did not realise that there was an accident until he was informed by the station management," Azmir said.

He also added that the victim was pronounced dead at the scene and sustained severe injuries to the neck and chest.

"The body was taken to the Beaufort Hospital for an autopsy and the case is still under police investigation. However, for now, the case is classified as sudden death."

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