6 Notre-Dame Firefighters Allegedly Gang-Raped A 20-Year-Old Tourist

All suspects are currently in police custody.

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Six Paris firefighters, who fought a colossal fire at the Notre-Dame Cathedral last month, have been arrested after allegedly gang-raping a woman at their station

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The Guardian reported that the off-duty men allegedly committed the act at the Plaisance fire station after a night of drinking on Saturday, 4 May.

A 20-year-old victim then lodged a police report against the firefighters.

According to Newshub, a judge officially launched a criminal inquiry into the case on Monday, 6 May. 

The 20-year-old Scandinavian tourist, who initially agreed to consensual sex with a fireman, was purportedly attacked by his colleagues upon arrival at the station

The men also reportedly brought at least three other women back to the station on the night of the incident.

The suspects under investigation do not include the firefighter the victim first met.

Newshub reported that the alleged rapists, aged between 25 and 35, are being charged with rape and failing to report a crime.

The suspects have also been suspended for the duration of the investigation

Lt Col Gabriel Plus, a spokesman for the Paris fire service, stressed that "these actions cannot be tolerated". 

"They are against the values upheld by Paris firefighters who must be exemplary, which is the case for the immense majority of them. If the suspicions of rape are proven, we will show the greatest firmness," Plus said, according to Le Parisien.

Firemen at the Paris Fire Brigade are deemed professional and members of the French military

The fire at the Notre-Dame last month.

Image via CNN

Newshub reported that the Brigade, which the suspects are a part of, were hailed as heroes for saving the Notre-Dame from being completely destroyed during the fire last month. 

French President Emmanuel Macron had honoured 500 firefighters and announced that they would receive gold medals for their service.

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