70% Of Local Grads Prefer Foreign Vehicles To The National Car, Says Proton Edar CEO

The statistics were acquired from a detailed study by the company.

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The CEO of Proton Edar, a unit which handles marketing for the national car manufacturer, has said that 70 percent of local fresh grads choose to buy foreign vehicles rather than a Proton

Abdul Rashid Musa, who was appointed CEO of Proton Edar last month, told Harian Metro that uni graduates who have recently completed their studies prefer foreign cars than the national vehicle.

He also said less than 10 percent of graduates have driven a Proton

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Citing statistics from a recent survey commissioned by the company, Abdul Rashid said, "Local fresh grads opt for foreign car brands because they think Proton is not comparable to them. It's not fair to compare the national carmaker to a luxury brand."

Abdul Rashid added that Proton is one of the 14 car brands in the world that's still producing automobile, despite of the unstable economic situation

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"To be one of the 14 car brands still standing in the world is something we should be proud of because it's not an easy feat.

Many companies were forced to close down due to bankruptcy, and to survive in this industry is difficult due to the unstable economic situation," he commented at a presentation in Arau, Perlis.

Did you know Proton is extremely popular in Turkey?

A number of companies are in the talks to purchase a major stake in the national carmaker:

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