Thailand Cave Rescue: 8 Boys Saved While 4 Other Boys And Their Coach Remain Trapped

Rescue divers hope to get the rest out by today, 10 July.

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Eight members of a football team have been freed from a cave that they were trapped in since 23 June

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A few weeks ago, a team of 12 boys together with their coach had gone into Tham Luang cave in Thailand after their football practice.

Rainwater caused the cave to flood trapping the group inside. The team ended up stranded for about two-and-a-half weeks before rescue divers managed to find them.

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On Sunday, 8 July, four of the boys were able to get out using full-faced waterproof diving masks along with the help of professional rescue divers

The 3km route in and out the cave is extremely dangerous, and has already taken the life of former Thai Navy Seal Saman Kunan last week.

Yesterday, 9 July, divers were able to retrieve another four boys.

"We are so happy that today we could rescue another four kids," said head of the joint command centre coordinating the operation Narongsak Osatanakorn, during a press conference on Monday evening.

It was reported that the boys were airlifted to a hospital to recover from the experience.

"All eight are in good health, no fever. Everyone is in a good mental state," said Permanent Secretary for Public Health Jessada Chokdamrongsook in a news briefing today, 10 July. 

Medics suspect that two of the boys may have caught pneumonia, as they are experiencing some lung irregularities, reported Channel NewsAsia.

Image via The Independent

Another four more boys and their coach still remain in the cave, with hopes that they will be rescued today, 10 July

Thai authorities confirmed that phase three of the rescue mission is well underway, as 19 divers have gone into the cave at 10.08am this morning (local time). 

Applause filled the press conference room as rescue chief Osatanakorn said that the remaining five will be brought out of the cave in one mission today, reported Michael Safi of The Guardian.

This was how the divers rescued the first batch of boys from the cave:

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