A 19-Year-Old Was Killed During A Road Rage Incident On The KL-Seremban Highway

The victim was identified as Mimi Zulaika Razib from Kuala Lumpur.

Cover image via NST

On Tuesday, around 1pm, a 19-year-old woman was killed during a road rage incident involving a car driver and a motorcyclist along the Kuala Lumpur-Seremban Expressway

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Image via NST

The road rage incident was sparked by an argument between the motorcyclist and car driver, during which the motorcyclist kicked the car's passenger side mirror in anger

At which point, the driver of the car swerved his car in the direction of the motorcyclist. It made the motorcyclist to bump against the car and losing control.

Both the motorcyclist and the car driver were travelling on the highway towards KL.

As the motorcyclist lost control, he and a 19-year-old woman riding pillion fell, who was run over by the car driver

According to NST, the woman was identified as Mimi Zulaika Razib from KL. While she was rushed to the UKM Medical Centre, Mini succumbed to her injuries.

Meanwhile, the motorcyclist sustained severe injuries and was taken to Hospital UKM.

The case has been classified as causing death by reckless and dangerous driving, City Traffic chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Nadzri Hussain was quoted saying

The car driver, who ran over the woman, was taken into police custody.

He has been identified as a 32-year-old private school teacher from Seremban.

PS: The cover image used is for illustration purposes only.

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