How A Blind Man And A Double Amputee Planted 10,000 Trees

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Meet Jia Haixa, a blind man, and his friend Jia Wenqi, a double amputee. Both, aged 53, have planted 10,000 trees in Hebei, China.

Armless Chinese man Jia Wenqi, center, guides his blind friend Jia Haixia, right, with one sleeve of his coat along a path on their way to planting trees in Yeli village, Jingxing county, Shijiazhuang city.

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"I am his hands. He is my eyes."

Jia Haixa talks of his symbiotic relationship with his friend Jia Wenqi — a double amputee. The pair work together to plant trees in Yeli village, just outside of Shijiazhuang city, northern China.

They form an unlikely duo - especially for something as physically demanding as planting trees. Jia Haixa and Jia Wenqi embarked on their heart-warming partnership 10 years ago after finding they were unable to secure jobs due to their respective impairments.

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Planting trees helps them earn money

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Despite their physical setbacks, Haixia and Wenqi have remained utterly determined to live life to the fullest. They also hope to benefit future generations with their environmental efforts.

Jia Wenqi watches as Jia Haixia chops branches from a tree.

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They are allowed to live rent-free in the 7.5 acre stretch of land along the riverbank that they leased from the local government, which is a great gesture given their poor living conditions

Jia Wenqi uses his foot to water a sapling with a bucket. He and his friend planted the sapling themselves in Yeli village.

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The work requires much patience and the fruits of their labours are not always apparent. But seeing young saplings grow inch by inch is enough to bring both the friends peace of mind

Jia Wenqi carries Jia Haixia on his back as they cross a river.

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But their good deed is not going unnoticed

Jia Wenqi uses his shoulder to help his blind friend Jia Haixia climb a tree they planted, to hew branches in Yeli village.

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A number of generous people have volunteered to help Haixia and Wenqi after hearing their story; one kind benefactor has offered to pay for a surgery that could help restore Haixia’s sight, and another has donated money towards their pensions to ensure they always have a good roof over their heads and enough food to eat.

"We stand on our own feet," Wenqi tells Oddity Central.

"The fruits of our labour taste sweeter. Even though we are gnawing on steam buns, we find peace in our hearts."

Jia Wenqi and Jia Haixia eat food during a break from their tree planting.

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