A Company Cancelled This Woman's Job Interview Because She Asked How Much She'd Be Paid

Apparently, wanting to get paid for work is a 'concern related to organisational fit'.

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A food delivery company called SkipTheDishes cancelled a job interview they had with a woman because she asked them about the salary and benefits for the position (Yep!)

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The woman, Taylor Byrnes, tweeted that she was told by the HR person that her second interview would be cancelled because her "questions reveal that your priorities are not in sync with those of SkipTheDishes"

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The company told her they believe "in hard work and perseverance" as opposed to "focusing on compensation"

Needless to say, the company's response did not go well with people on the Internet. After Taylor tweeted the response, a lot of people were (understandably) outraged.

After the company started receiving flak from people for their attitude, one of its co-founders reached out to the woman to apologise and offer her the second interview

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On the other hand, there are also people like this:

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