A Father Threw Away His Son To Avoid Being Arrested During A Police Dragnet

The incident happened in Ulu Klang.

Cover image via NST Online (Edited)

A father was so desperate to avoid being arrested during a police dragnet near Kampung Fajar in Ulu Klang that he threw his son away to distract the approaching team of police personnel

According to Ampang Jaya police chief Assistant Commissioner Hamzah Alias, the man was on his motorcycle with his wife and son near field off in Kampung Fajar.

In the 10.15pm incident on Sunday night, the man tried to flee the scene but failed to do so when the motorcycle fell to the ground and he was surrounded by the cops.

"The suspect, who panicked, flung his son away before he was apprehended by the police," Hamzah was quoted as saying by NST Online.

The suspect was with his wife, son and several other people at the field there when a police team approached them at 10.15pm

While the man was apprehended, his wife and their 'friends' managed to escape.

According to initial investigations, the man, who tested positive for drugs, was believed to have used a stolen motorcycle and has a record for drug-related offences.

"We are closing in on the suspect's wife, aged 27, to facilitate investigations."

The boy sustained injuries and bruises on his back

Hamzah added that the son, after being thrown away by his father, sustained injuries and bruises on his back. He was taken to the Ampang Hospital for treatment.

The Ampang police are currently keeping the father in remanded since 4 June to facilitate investigation for vehicle theft

They have also arrested a 21-year-old man in Kampung Kemensah, Ulu Klang at around 4.30am on 4 June and seized a stolen Honda EX5 motorcycle.

Image via NST Online

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